Entertainment cuts: Goodbye to character greetings in NY WoD store


I was SOOOO bummed to hear that tomorrow (2/14/09) will be the last day EVER that the NYC WoD store will have character greetings in the “Friendship Room.” :sad: :nonono2:

For those of you who have been in the Friendship Room, you know it’s gorgeous & offers a little piece of Disney 1,000’s of miles away from the parks. Bright colorful backgrounds, an array of ever-changing characters, plenty of time to take photos, etc.

Well, I was told by a cast member at the store today that getting rid of the ‘Entertainment Department’ in this store is just another one of the cuts Disney is making.

Seems crazy to me because the characters meetings are SUCH a huge draw to the store on 5th & 55th. There are ALWAYS families & tourists lined up bythe dozen outside the Friendship Room. They even offered PhotoPass & sometimes there were as many as 3-4 characters to meet with at a time.

Such a shame. :sad: Anyway, for those of you who live close, I was also told that tomorrow after 4pm there is going to be a HUGE ‘character goodbye menagerie.’ It will be the last opportunity to meet characters at the NYC WoD store & they are going out with a bang so to speak. Supposedly it will be a big goodbye party in the Friendship Room. Wish I could go but I was just there today.

Anyway, so these are probably the last photos I’ll ever have with a character at the WoD store. :sad: I am just SO bummed 'cause Daniel and I would always stop by the store & ‘get a dose of Disney’ close to home.

Here are a couple pics from today :sad:


Goodbye Minnie Mouse in NYC, I know you loved it there on 5th Avenue where you could shop until your heart’s content. :tongue:


There were no princesses present this morning but I felt compelled to take a pic on the pretty stage, considering I’ll never see it again. :glare:
(cell phone pic, sorry)


I thought something was up, when I didn’t see it on their site yesterday. :crying:


That’s really too bad. That was such a nice treat for those who could not make it to FL an another reason to go to that store. I’m sure it will be missed by many.


That’s too bad, I’m sure it’s going to be missed. I’m so sad Disney is making these cuts but I’m sure they feel they have to right now.



awh, and I wanted to go when we visited in March!!


That’s terrible!

I bet they’ll bring them back though… in a few years maybe.


Wow, that is really a shame. I’ve never been to NYC, so I didn’t realize that the WoD store did this, but I would have loved to go if we were there. It’s too bad the extra little things that make Disney so special are the first to go. Hopefully it is a temporary change and as the economy improves, more of these perks will come back.


It’s probably the last day because the NY WoD didn’t renew it’s lease there. When I asked my sister if she wanted to go with me she said she thought it was already closed there. Supposedly WoD is looking for a new area in NYC to relocated but I haven’t heard anything so far.