Eos ii


Wow, went to DTD this morning… basically for an Earl Sandwich.
I had the All-American and my wife had an Italian. Wow. Both were marvelous.
My wife said that even if her shopping didn’t pan out there, the drive for the sandwich was worth the trip.


Frank, I am sooooo jealous. How close are you to Disney. It seems like you frequent it a lot. To be able to eat at EOS every single day would be a dream come true!!!


Yum!!! We can’t wait to get our fix, it’s been way too long! So glad you enjoyed it:)


I’m jealous, I would love to be eating an Earl sandwich right now.


I walked by it a bunch of times never giving it a second thought.
Read the reviews here and decided to try it. Wow am I glad!!!


I am so glad you both enjoyed it Frank!


Amazing how so many people could be right about a place, eh Frank?

I know, I always put it off when I was on a dining plan because I try to max out when on the plan. But we started cutting back and wanted a less costly lunch seeing as we were out of pocket. And danged if the sandwiches weren’t as good as advertised.


I’m not usually a sandwich guy. But these are really good.
I love the bread, etc. Cheryl got a kick out of watching the video on merry old England.
London looks like a neat place to visit. I’ve never been. Daughter has been and loved it.


We love Earl of Sandwich, too. We’ve been a few times at lunchtime during the week and it seems to be very popular with the “locals” (probably mostly transplanted)…lots of people in business casual walking around with co-workers there on their lunch breaks. I’ve gotten stuck in a rut with the tuna melt…it’s so good! And they serve Strongbow! :slight_smile:


how lucky to live close enough to go on lunch from work… makes my favorite place near our office look not so good. I love this place …


So… WHY is EoS so much better than any old sandwich place? Because no question, it is. But what makes it so delicious?


Hard to say. Basically, the ingredients are pretty straight-forward. The ciabata bread is terrific. Warm, chewy, compliments the fillings without over-powering them. The fillings are good quality and fresh. The combinations just seem to get it right. They’re simple, satisfying and tasty. They are just - yum!:wub: