EPCOT 4 Hour Wait?


Apprantly according to the picture below EPCOT’s Sorin’ had a 4 hour wait. Here’s my issue with this. Wouldn’t Disney reach full capacity alone on that ride way before a 4 hour wait? Plus who would be stupid enough to actually wait 4 hours? Sorry but this picture can’t be real right?


Hmm. One of my friends is there right now & he texted me to say that the crowds are TOTALLY out of control, VERY VERY busy. I’ve never seen such a wait on any WDW attraction & unless the line wrapped OUT of the building & over to Nemo I don’t even see HOW the line could take 4 hours. Unless only like one “lifter” was operating, the FP machines were down, and everyone was waiting standy-by all at once.

Who knows, it could be a doctored trick photo but I’d love to know the person who took it if it is real.


PS: and ACTUALLY isn’t that only 5 minutes shy of a FIVE HOUR wait?!! :eek:


Yeah, it was a three hour wait when we were there two days ago. Epcot is HUGE. It rarely reaches max capacity (and even when a park reaches “maximum capacity” it really isn’t full). Epcot only has three “E-Ticket” attractions - Soarin, Test Track, and Mission:Space (and MS has really lost popularity since the year of its opening), so the majority of the park goers are probably in line for one of those attractions. FPs for Soarin’ have been completely distributed by 9-11am, depending on when the park opened that morning. When people get into the park later, they don’t have the option of FPing. I figure that most people that travel at this time of year don’t have a very flexible schedule and likely won’t get back to WDW until at least a year. For these people, it may be worth the four hour wait, especially if there’s nothing better to do. Four, almost five hours does seem a little extreme, though. I would like to know when that was taken. It might be a joke.


i like Soarin but there is no way I would wait that long, and I agree the line would have to be out of the building. This is unbelievable!


Yet on another site and a friend i’m talking to says it may actually be true. If you think about it that sign could of been wrong. EPCOT’s wait times are usually never right when I go at least and if you think about it, the queue area for Soarin is very wide and could easily hold a two hour wait. Yet 4 hours would of still been out. IDK I still have my doubts.


Hmmm… Maybe someone was handed one of those little red cards, they went and had lunch at the Coral Reef, stopped for a little Watermelon pop at Club Cool, headed back to Soarin’, and then gave the card to the CM when they got to the loading area.


We love Soarin, but would NEVER wait 4 hours…there are so many other fun things to do in Epcot


Yes, the Parks have been insane - I have never seen WDW like this… Two days in a row both the MK and AK have been at capacity. A CM at the Grand Floridian told me she’s worked here 3 years and has NEVER heard of the AK reaching capacity. It isn’t even fun. It’s like everyone is just tramping around trying to get it done - like a job. No one is smiling or laughing or having any fun. It does seem to be getting better today. Plus, it’s freezing. I guess with New Year’s landing on a Friday everyone took a long weekend.

Hopefully it’ll get better from here on in. We’ve managed to do just about everything - with the help of early morning and leaving by noon and knowing how to work the system. I heard one woman say the other day “now, how does this fastpass thing work?” I just shuddered for her -I can’t imagine how bad it would be to be here for the first time without a clue.


When I was there 2 weeks ago, it said 200 min wait, so it could be right. I know crowds have picked up since then. I love Soarin’, but there’s no way I’d wait in a 4-5 hour line!


It’s wrong. 2 years ago my husband was waiting in Sorin’s line and it said “20” He was there for almost an hour. Something had gone wrong, and they waited a very long time before saying something. He left the line, we had people waiting on us.
I guess it just goes to show no one’s perfect not even WDW :laugh::laugh:


Wow 5 hours… Hopefully the park was on EMH that night.


Thats unbelievable! :eek: I will be interested to see how the rest of the week plays out with the crowds.

All I have to say, is I hope it warms up and thins out by the time we get there…in 17 days!!!:biggrin:


Maybe it’s just me, but no ride is worth a 4-5 hr wait!


Unfortunately those pics are for real. Several of my friends who work at Soarin’ confirmerd it for me that they had it up to nearly a 300 minute wait. The parks were so packed for the holidays. Today’s the first day where it seemed to calm down, but was still busy, and it was unique because it was like a high of only 50 today. Glad I was in fur, although when helping Slim for Block Party that wind tore into me BIG TIME :laugh:


Wow that’s why I don’t go during Christmas and New Years! I’m a teacher and I just take days off from work rather than go during the break!


I was there that day…New Years Eve - that started around 1pm and remained that way till close…EPCOT closed due to capacity…80,000+


When Space Mountain first opened it regularly had 2 to 3 hour waits. The queue would be over to the right of entrance. For the longest time they still had the holes in the pavement where they would insert the poles for the queue. Not sure if they are still there though.


Holy long wait Batman! I can not believe it was that crowded. When I went to Dtd on 12/30 for my birthday it was crowded, but manageable. I LOVE Soarin’ but would not even entertain waiting for that long.


wow! thats a long time! i have been to Disneyworld tons of times and I know the BEST way to not have to wait! Try to get to Epcot as early as possible; my family and I try to be the first ones in the park and ride the rides before a lot of people come… so get there early and ride Soarin’ before the lines get too long!