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Hi, First of all I’d like to say hello to everyone on this site. I came accross this website by accident, but would like to say what a great site!!

I am newly registered and a big fan of Walt Disney World. I am from the United Kingdom and try to get to Orlando as often as I can, although only going on my 4th trip this year.
I came back from Disney World in November of last year (stopped at Wilderness Lodge) and going again in July for my Mothers wedding (can’t wait to go). I am also a keen pin collector.

Anyway back to the subject. When in Epcot last year we stopped to see Imaginations - Refelctions of Earth. And at the end of the night they played a piece of music which I would like to find out the name of so I can obtain it. It had a woman singing and was played 5 or so minuites after the show had finished and was the first song on after the show.

I know its not much to go on but maybe someone could help me out.


Chris Dangerfield (AKA Dangermouse)

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First of all, welcome to DisneyCentral! :mickey:

I believe you are talking about the song Promise. I love that song and listen to it often. It is on the Illuminations CD that you can buy in the parks.


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You can find countdown instruction here:



I’ve been looking for a link for you but so far this is the best I can come up with. You can listen to a bit of it here.

I’m listening to the song right now, I just with I could share it with you.


Yep that’s the song!!! Thank you so much!!

I’ve got the name now I know what CD it’s on. A friend of mine is going in two weeks so they can bring a copy of the CD back for me as a present hehe :happy:

Just out of interest do American CDs work in British CD players because I no DVDs don’t as I found out the hard way last year when I bought a DVD that didn’t work in our player.

Thanks for this link for the countdown timer too!!

Thanks Again


I don’t know about American CDs working in British CD players but I’m sure someone here will know the answer.

Good luck, it’s a wonderful CD I would hate for you not to be able to get it.


The anoying thing is I had it in my hands to buy in November and I put it back as I didn’t think it would work. But hey, I’ll take a risk and wait a few weeks to get it.



I think it’s worth the risk. It’s no more than $20 US so you aren’t out much money and best case it works and you have a great CD.



Since your questions seem to have been answered (I don’t know the answer to your second question re: cd’s), I just wanted to welcome you to Disney Central!!! You’ll have a great time here.


CDs should play on any CD player – DVDs are coded for different regions but CDs are not. :slight_smile:

And we LOVE that album. :happy:



If you can’t wait to get the CD, try vsiting one of my favorite websites, subsonic Radio. It’s a website that has hundreds of songs and other sounds from Disney theme park you can listen to free of charge! The song you’e looking for is there (I just checked). Just register, log on and listen!

Heres the link:


Oh, and welcome to DC!!


Welcome to DC! Glad you had your questions answered!


Great link phayes!


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Hey DM, welcome to our little corner. I look forward to seeing you around.


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Hi, thanks for the help!! Obviously I don’t go to Disney World as often as other people but once you’ve experienced it you’ll want to go back again and again.

I was five when I first went and I’m now 19 and I’m more of a big kid now than I was then hehe.

Thanks all for the help and will be posting on here in the near future

Thanks Again



Just wanted to add my “Welcome to DC” Dangermouse.

You’re our kind of people. :wink:


Welcome to DC.

Love your screen name.

Are you a fan of the Dangermouse cartoon? :laugh:


There’s a dangermouse cartoon?