Epcot After Hours Wind Down


Hey everyone, long time no see. Hope all is well!!
I am getting ready to book all of my dining reservations for my trip in August and stumbled upon something i had not seen or heard of before… the [U]Epcot After Hours Wind Down[U][/U][B][/B][/U][B][/B]

has anyone here ever given this a shot before? i figure they prob let you hang around for an extra hour and have a very limited drink list. anyone have any insite or reviews? I appreciate all of your help!

here is a link to the Disney description:



This is very new. We booked Italy for our trip in Sept. based on the fact we can hang out and miss the crowds. Everything I have read so far say this is cool if you are ok with the cost.


I don’t have any first hand experience with it, Johnny, but I’ve seen a couple of reviews on the disney food blog. The one at La Cava seems to come with a little seminar on tequila which is neat.

Here are some links to reviews: