Epcot candlelight procession question


Is it better to have the “dinner” for the reserved seating for the candlelight procession and illuminations or just go to see it without the dinner seating?


…when we attended, you had to do the dinner package to get priority seats…but anyone can go…I didn’t think our seats were any better than others, but we didn’t have to line up early…


We did get the package and it was nice not to have to rush to get a seat - however, the evening we went there were plenty of empty seats. So, I guess it’s up to you. We went to Rose & Crown and it wasn’t very good at all. If I was going again, I don’t think I’d get the package and take my chances of getting a good seat.


It depends how badly you want to go. I’ve gone and waited in line (no meal) for 45-60 min. Last yr, we could have jump into a line that would have been maybe a 20 min wait (DH didn’t want to see it twice in one trip grrr). But then I’ve heard stories of people waiting for hours for certain speakers. This story mentioned people getting in line as soon as world showcase open to hear Neal Patrick Harris. NO BODY is that good for me to wait hours and hours. And of course the 3 days we plan for Epcot, Neal Patrick Harris is there. So perhaps I won’t see it this yr.


Excellent point. Who the narrator is makes a huge difference. I honestly didn’t even know the narrator the night we were there…I believe he was some Christian singer…so, I’m changing my advice. If you are going when the narrator is going to be someone very popular - buy the package. Heck, you have to eat somewhere - buy the package. But don’t order the roast beef and yorkshire pudding at Rose & Crown.:blow:


…or Moo Shu Pork from China…my DD got sick after eating the before Candlelight…and it took half our vacation for her to recover…:blow::blow:

…we heard Gary Sinese btw…and he was excellent…I had to keep myself from yelling “Lt Dan”, however! :laugh:


love it! I would have thought the same thing. I love Gary Sinese. Blair Underwood is there when we would go, don’t think I know who that is.


…I bet you would recognize him…did you ever watch L.A. Law? That’s what comes to mind first…

Blair Underwood - IMDb

He has a nice speaking voice…I bet he does a good job…


okay, I occasionally watched LA Law, but I do recognize him now. thanks


I always get the dinner package because of the holidays and it is usually the first night of the processional. It truly gets the holidays started for me!!