Epcot - Christmas - Candlelight Processional?


Anyone got any info on this years Candlelight Processional. How long will it run after Christmas Day? Who are the narrators? Is there a special place that we could dine and see it? Where is the best place to view? ANY other info or links will be MUCH appreciated.


Candlelight Processional at Epcot

That is the link from 2008. I doubt they have plans for this year’s yet. There are several restaurants with packages. We were on the Dining plan and it worked well. I can tell you people began to line up early for the show even the reserve seating. As with any show sitting in the center area provides a great view.

This was an awesome show.


The CP runs through 30 December. There are 2 ways you can go. They have dinner packages with different costs (tiers), which will get you a seat in the American Pavilion (where the show is). Or you can get in the stand-by line and wait for a seat. The line for Stand-by is long, and ques up very early before the shows. If you do stand-by, there is no cost for the show (just getting into EPCOT). It is very worth while. They generally announce the list of guest narrators in the late summer / early fall.


I am glad to hear so many good things about this. We are denitely going…probaly 12/26/09…the 1st day we get there.


We do it every year and love it. Another good link is Candlelight Processional


The link didn’t go thru. Sorry. The website is Disney World - The Largest Unofficial On-Line Guide to Disney World, Walt Disney World Look under events.


We went last year on Xmas Eve . . . it was AWESOME! We had the dining package with the preferred seating. We ate in Mexico . . . the CP DDP was OK there . . . you get an app/entree/dessert when you do the dining pkg. I know Italy, Canada and Garden Grill are also options.

ENJOY!! :heart:


We went for Christmas 2007. Ate dinner at the Biergarten. Relatively cheap and good food. Gary Sinise (sp?) was narrator. Beautiful and very moving.


we have DDP - I hope we have a good narrator.


We had some chick from HS musical. She was so-so. The choir was awesome. and the dudes with the race-track trumpet things? Whoa.


oh, my 8 yr old boy would DIIIIEEEE if a girl from HSM was there.


We did the CP in December, it was worth standing in line but we did the dining package so we stood in a shorter line!


Bumping this up. Has anyone seen any info yet? Now that we have our dates set, it’s time to start thinking about meals. After all is only 5 weeks till we make ADRs. :laugh:


I haven’t heard of anything yet either. I wish I could take advantage of doing the Candlelight Processional one day. I’ve only seen it in video clips and stuff but it looks amazing.


I called for trip reservations the other day and they had no info yet for narrators. I noticed Neal Patrick Harris has been there for 3 years and I would LOVE to go with him there.


We’ve seen it twice, and both times had dining reservations at Rose & Crown (we llike traditional English fare). We got great seats both times being in the reserved line, plus we had a great dinner. Totally recommend it!


We did this three years ago with the package, and ate at Rose n Crown. Delicious but we were stuffed! The show is so beautiful and powerful. When we went to Epcot last Christmas we didn’t swing for tickets in lieu of savin monies, but we could still HEAR it all around the World Showcase lagoon as we wandered away. You need to see it at least once! :biggrin: