EPCOT Counter Service


OK. As everyone knows, I am way too excited about this upcoming trip and I have been planning every single meal. (Note, the trip is going to be relaxed but being the future Chef that I am, I am obsessing about the food!)

So, I would like to know, What is your favorate EPCOT Counter Service and why!

Thanks everyone.



We like the Fish and chip stand in England. The counter service in Mexico is also good.


Well I have a few:
Sunshine Seasons in the Land-
I recommend Turkey and Muenster Cheese on Foccacia (Best Sandwich I have ever had). I also had the fruit tulip for dessert! mmmmm!

Tangerine Cafe- good food and large portions


I have so many:
Cantina de San Angel (I LOVE their Wet Burrito)
Tangerine Cafe…my FAVORITE counter service in all of WDW.
Fish and Chips in UK
I like the little China place (can’t remember the name) it’s the only Chinese Food I’ll eat.
I’ve heard Sunshine Seasons is really good but honestly when we’re at Epcot it’s all about the countries for us!


Cantina San Angel was a first for us last trip, but loved it… Great Churro’s. Love America for it burgers too.


We absolutely LOVE the Sunshine Seasons in The Land - definitely a cut about counter-service. Another “sleeper” place is the Boulangerie Bakery in France. You can get a great sandwich on a croissant, or a fruit and cheese plate with a baguette. And of course the desserts are terrific. Same can be said for the Kringla Bakery in Norway.

We like the fish & chips stand in the UK, too!


Sunshine Seasons in the Land; great choices!


Sorry, I forgot to mention, my wife also likes the fish and chips place in the UK.


Sunshine Seasons in The Land. There is a great variety of choices for everyone, even the picky eaters in the family. It can get very crowded though so I would recommend trying to eat here a little early to beat the rush.


We like Sunshine Seasons in the land, and the fish & chips stand in the UK. It depends where we are in the park at the time.


We ALWAYS stop at Tangerine Cafe, it’s just a given, because my DH is Greek & that’s the closest food fare to Greek at Disney. tee hee. It’s also got great food & service. We’ve never been disappointed.


We’re gonna have to check out Sunshine Seasons, it sounds nice.


that’s a hard question for me, the last 2 trips were during food and wine festival…kinda changes things!

we liked tangerine cafe and cantina de san angel. both had very good food and we plan to go back to both if we do counter service in epcot next year (we liked doing lunch and dinner table service there, and just stick to counter at the other parks).

we did not care for the fish and chips in england at all. as a matter of fact, it was the worst food we had the entire 10 day trip!


we love the American pavilion, and the bakery in France- and we like the fish in ‘England’ but the chips are dire :frowning:


Sunshine Seasons has about the best variety and bang for the buck for Dining Plan guests of any CS location in WDW and certainly in any of the parks.


I’ll second that… :pirate:


Thanks for all of the replies.

I personally would love to try the fish n chips place but Rob would not.

I think we will do the Cantina de San Angel b/c both Rob and Ty like Mexican food (I do too don’t get me wrong I just think it is real easy to get authentic Mexican food in Chicago)

I love MouseBuzz! Thanks again everyone for your tips.



Let me just say this about Sunshine Seasons.
Grilled salmon platter or grilled pork chop platter with fresh veggies grown right there in The Land.
Cappuccino, a bakery and ice cream.


Marocco and Norway.
I don’t know, it’s just interesting food. I don’t like the “every day kind of food” when I am on vacation. I want something completely different :wink:


Whoa. My 12 yr old is the biggest salmon fan I know. We’ll definitely stop by there.