Epcot crowd shot


I do not know when this shot was taken. I just ran across it on the web. But I have a new appreciation for what would be considered crowded at the parks.


This looks like what it looks like as people are lining up for Illuminations! Everyone starts to mill around the water’s edge!


By the lighting it looks about the right time of the day for people to start finding their positions before Illuminations. But, I have never seen the crowd that thick that far from the edge before Illuminations. It still seems extra crowded to me.


I would still love to be there…LOL!


man sardines have more room in there can…but I agre I would love to be there…LOL




what time of year was it taken?


OMG! Reminds me of MK on New Years Eve! Nightmare!


judging by what people are wearing. I see some long sleave shirts and a few pairs of jeans. I would probably rule the summer out.


Traffic jam! I love WDW…but those are the kind of days I’m glad I’m home.


Wow, we go during the summer months and I’ve never seen it that crowded. I love WDW but that doesn’t look fun.


It was crazy crowded when we were there over Easter but not THAT crowded! We didn’t do Illuminations this time so it might be just that. Yikes.


Here is our experience in Animal Kingdom…been there—done that


WOW - now I am very glad we go in the off season. People People everywhere


Yep, reminds me of MK in July when the park reached capacity and a whole load of us were actually ushered out! including us-OK for us as we could go back but for some it was their first and only time- July? never again!


I think that shot must be during the holiday season because off to the right appears to be some sort of holiday greenery with red bows.


They took you OUT of the park after you were already inside???


:eek:holy crowds!


The only thing that got full was my TUMMY !!! Grand Mariners baby… Shaken, not stirred… and with a straw!


Dixie, we need to hear more about that !!!