EPCOT EMH Question?


We are going to Disney in Feb 08 for a weekend trip for my 3 year olds 4th birthday! I noticed there are EMH at Epcot on the Friday we arrive. WE LOVE EPCOT! And the ride selection that is open is GREAT!

SO, here’s my question: Has anyone done EMH at Epcot and do you know if the characters are available at this time? Or, should we make arrangements to go back another day to see the characters at each country?

Thanks!! :happy:


I don’t think much of World Showcase remains open during EMH. I also do not recall seeing any characters after hours… I think it’s only the attractions that remain open.

(I’m assuming you meant evening EMH.)


I’ve done EMH at all the parks (morning and night) and in the morning you will find many characters out at different locations for picture opps, but in the evening EMH there are not as many characters out. It seems that the attractions or “rides” are more important! Just my opinion.


Thanks! Yes, I meant evening!

On the WDW website (where they list what rides are open) the rides in Mexico, Norway and America are open . . . so I assumed that the rest of the countries were . . . maybe I’ll give them a call and find out!! :confused:


Most of the evening EMH is for Future World. Usually Future World closes a couple of hours before World Showcase. During EMH, Future World closes at 10:00 instead of 7:00. At least that’s how it has been when I’ve been there. I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer about the characters.


I’ve done EMH at Epcot and I don’t remember seeing any characters out at all. I believe World Showcase had closed by then but many of the attractions were open. If you really want to meet characters during EMH I recommend MK. Many characters were greeting guests near the castle.


During EMH, All of Epcot closes at 12 midnight! The major Future World attractions are operating right up until midnight, including Honey and Figment. Also, TT, MS, and Soarin’ operate right up to normal park closing at 9 PM every night. Also, food is still being served at Sunshine Seasons, although, nothing hot is available.

From the Disney website:

Living with the Land, Mission: SPACE®, Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, Test Track
Includes attractions listed above and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Mexico-Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, Norway-Maelstrom, The American Adventure


I know over the summer, the character meet and greet was still going on during the EMH evening hours. I also know we were disappointed to find out that Innoventions is not open during the EMH.


Thanks ALL! Yes I got this off the website, and I thought if Mexico, Norway and America were “open” maybe the other countries were too, but I guess these are the only ones with “rides” so that is prob. why?!

Thanks again or all your help . . . in Feb, hopefully my DD3 will be tall enough to ride soarin’ again, again and again!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


On a side note about chracters and EMH - we played with Mickey and Minnie at 2:00am at the Magic Kindom - so they are around after hours.


I have done the EMH at epcot…it’s a bit crowded especially in low season when all the other parks are closed. I like their AM one better…I like all the AM EMH better…except for MGM which it totally fun if you time your night right.


Epcot evening EMH tends to be on Friday evening, which is also a heavy hotel occupancy night. And as Dana says, if MK closes at 9 and MGM closes at 8, it will funnel the crowds to Epcot. I really haven’t paid attention to characters in Epcot, but they’ve been pretty absent until recently, but if they stay on duty after 9, I don’t know.
I’d guess they keep characters in the MK later if only because it’s the family favorite, and there will be more kids staying up later and you’ve got to give a tired cranky kid something to stay awake for. (my theory)


Yes the characters are a kinda a “new” thing . . . like Mulan in China and Belle in France, Pooh and Friends & Alice in England, etc! It’s a way for the younger kids to enjoy Epcot a little more . . . the only reason I was thinking Evening EMH (I agree with Dana am are WAY better) Is cuz we are driving up from West Palm Beach and we get in around 4pm . . . so I was thinking we could go to Epcot, have dinner and then hit a few rides . . . everytime I go in FEB it’s NEVER crowded, but then thinking back I’ve never been to EMH PM at EPCOT in FEB either . . . so I guess we’ll have to play it by ear . . . appreciate all the feedback!! :happy:


I’m revamping my own OLD thread :blush: since this trip (that took forever to get here) is almost here!! :laugh: :laugh:

We are planning on doing EMH at Epcot on our day of arrival! I checked the site and out of the attractions available these are the ones my DDs will do!

Spaceship Earth (I read that it is open until the 9th, then closed until the 14th, which is the grand opening day-lets hope this is the case, fingers crossed)
Mexico Gran Fiesta (haven’t seen this version yet)
Norway (Love this!)
American Adventure (read about this on allears.net recently, haven’t been in YEARS! I think my DD8 will love it, she likes history!)

So, we are planning on hittin’ the turnpike around 2:30pm, sans traffic that will get us there around 5ish . . . I’m thinking once we check in (POFQ) and head to the park it will be 7ish . . . SO all you fantabulous Mousebuzzers tell me what you’d do and how’d you do it! (like where you’d eat, etc.)

(Keeping in mind I have a DD8, DD7 and my Dad (60s) and Mom (60s) with me!) :heart: Thank you!


I would get a fast pass for soarin as soon as the EMH starts…they start the distibution for the EMHs over again, so if they are out of fast passes before it starts, just wait. I don’t do all that much in future world anymore…just living seas and saorin. I skip test track and mission…We are more into the countries, but only do the shops. We are weird. I usually eat my fast food in america cause we are picky…lol


Good tip, I didn’t know they did FP at EMH . . . I’m keeping my fingers crossed DD4 is tall enuf, what is the height restrictions 40"?

WE LOVE THE COUNTRIES . . . everything about them!