Epcot food and wine questions


Hello! I am wondering what happens at the food and wine festival…do you pay one price and sample food from each country or pay at each country? What types of food are available and what are the prices? What is the yummiest and yukkiest? Thanks!!


There are 25 or so booths, and each usually has 2 savory samples and 1 sweet sample, each cost 3 or 4 dollars. Deb’s website has this years menu. Looking them over I don’t see any items that I would consider yuckiest, but I am an adventureist eater. I guess the yummiest would be different for different people.


Food and Wine Festival Marketplaces (Food Booths) - Epcot

Food and Wine Festival Marketplaces (Food Booths) - Epcot



Oh, I should say, the first link is for the 2007 booths but no prices have been released. The second link is for 2006 with pricing to give you an idea.


Everything is sold on an individual basis and comes in tiny portions. To make a meal out of things will probably run you a small fortune. But, look around. There are some good deals to be found. There are also free seminars for wine and beer throughout the festival. As gatour said, most of the dishes will run you about $3-$5. It’s lots of fun, and lots of cool things to sample. We get a big group to Epcot at least once or twice during the festival.


Thank you all!


almost every food item (not alcohol) was a snack on DDP - we ate all over for lunch yesterday.


We went last year and had the most amazing time. We used our snack credits and ate around the world on day…here is what we liked the best:

Greece: Spanakopita - Savory Spinach and Cheese Pa
Canada: Cheddar Cheese Soup
Morocco: Kefta - Grilled Beef and Hummus in a Pita Pocket (this was a favorite of mine)
Australia: Shrimp on the Barbie $4.25 (omg…yummm)
Hops and Barley Market: New England Crab Cake and Barley Lentil Salad
Italy: Zuppa Inglese - Vanilla Cream Rum Cake with Candied-fruit
South Africa: Durban Spiced Chicken on Skewer
Ireland: Potato Leek Soup

We ate a lot more but these were our favs!!


The lamb sliders from New Zealand are my favorite entree style sample. It’s lamb on a toasted roll with mustard sauce. It’s so delicious! And with some icewine from Canada, its perfection to me. Of couse then dessert from France. I had creme brulee last year and I loved it.

I found most of the samples to be quite filling. I am going again on the 10th for my birthday and I am most excited about it.


I had put pics up of all the booths - but you just bring money and sample what you want (or dining snack credits). There is entertainment as well, more on weekends. We had a great time watching Jana Jae from Hee Haw at the Oklahoma booth last weekend.



I have pictures of all of the booths and menus from 2 years ago. It changes every year, but the pictures might give you an idea of what to expect. :slight_smile:

2005 Food and Wine Festival


Oooooohhh!!! Yay! Thanks for letting us know! DH and I just read this and we’ve decided we’re going to use our snack credits at the Food and Wine festival!