Epcot Food & Wine Carts


Is there a website tht give the menu and pricing for the carts around the world?


Eventually, Disney puts out a map. The website allears will provide a very comprehensive list/map.


Here is the link to the 2011 F&W Festival brochure with map:

It has a listing of all the foods and where they are located! Don’t know how the 2012 offerings will compare.


Thank you what about a rough estimate on pricing and portions?


Past fests have ranged from as little as $2.00, and right up to $6.00, a plate. We missed last year so I don’t know if there was a big jump.


Here’s a checklist fro DisDining. Hope it helps.


Sorry, don’t have the prices but Rich is pretty accurate. We’ve found the “majority” range from $3.25-$4.50 each.


Deb’s website allears has this year’s menus.


The portions are small, but when you are eating around the world the small portions allow you to taste a lot of different things. It does get a little expensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed F&W last year.


I’m looking forward to trying some food this year.While we normally drink, we have never tried any of the food.I guess this time we feel a little adventurous(sp?):laugh:


Some of our favorites from last year were the Argentine beef, steak tacos, and the cannoli. Also, there was a desert in Great Britain that had a Bailey’s Iris Cream sauce. It was wonderful (I may have even licked the plate!).