Epcot Food & Wine Fest Question


They sell bottles of wine in the marketplace at the Food and Wine Fest. Has anyone purchased while at the park? If so, are you allowed to take it with you or must you pick it up on your way out.

My real question is… If I buy a bottle can I drink it while walking through Epcot?


Bought many a bottle. You can carry it or have it delivered to your resort if there is enough time before you leave.
Even opened it up in the park. Probably not the best place to do it, but we were never told we couldn’t do it. We were just out of the way.


Purchased many and never had a problem. We opened one up during the fireworks show


Thanks for the replies! Your answers made me happy!


have any prices for typical bottles?


We have seen bottles for as little as $12.00 in past years. Pam is the wine expert. Hence our bottles run higher that the average person. :eek: She loves trying new wines. I go with her recommendations.


Pretty much the typical prices ($5 more than you’d pay at ABC or Publix for brands they carry).

I’d also say the prices are in line what they charge in the resort convenience shops. And you will pay more for Mouse branded merch.

I wish I could give you specific examples, but I don’t consume, so in the end, I never really bother remembering prices.


ok, thanks guys! I was just wondering if it’s worth the extra expense vs getting to try several different kinds/glasses at f & w. :slight_smile:


And now you have stumbled onto Pam’s game. We try many different wines by the glass throughout the week. Then when I least expect it Pam hits the Festival Store 2-3 days before we leave. The next thing I know 2 cases of wine are ""waiting’’ for me to pick up at the resort front desk.
The sad thing is that we pack a different bottle of wine for every 2 days in the world. We usually bring some back, but now I have to try and find extra space for Pam’s boxes when we drive home.:laugh:

BTW- The best way to do the Festival is to get one of the little swipe gift cards on a wrist lanyard from one of the WDW sales merchandise counters. We load them up w/ $100.00 per person to start. Much easier to swipe the card for each plate or drink than fumbling with cash at each location.