Epcot illuminations seating


is there anywhere when i can make seating reservations for epcot illumanations fireworks for dinner


You can make a reservation for Rose and Crown for 7:30 pm. Arrive early and ask for an outdoor table with a view of Illuminations.
This is not garunteed however.


hi fun4bru – Even if you are at Rose & Crown inside for dinner, they let you walk out onto the restaurant’s patio for viewing, so you get an excellent viewing spot anyway.

Another thing you can try is to go to the Cantina in front of the Mexico Pavilion and order counter servioce dinner there. Take your time eating and then have some dessert… hang onto that table for another great seated viewing spot!

One last option is to get counter service food and go to the tables between China and Germany— you can almost always get one of those tables! They aren’t the very best viewing spot, but they can usually be counted on to be empty!


There are a couple of benches outside the Canadian Pavilion that provide an unobstructed view of Illuminations. The last two times I stayed for Illuminations,I sat there.


The only place you won’t have to sit and guard your spot would be the R&C. We love it there. No trip to Epcot at night would be complete for us without a visit there.


thanks for the info ddoll.:mickey: