Epcot Italian resturant closed?


Hello, Can’t find anything on Alfredo’s - are the closed. I really do not prefer to eat there (did it once, liked it, but rather do something else), but one of a friends going with us loves it!!!


Yes, I believe Alfredo’s is now closed. But in it’s place is a new Italian Place called Tutto Italia.

There’s another thread that other’s were discussing how expensive the menu is… even for lunches.


I think it’s also closed as I looked on All Ears and they don’t list it at all.
Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World
There is also a review on all-ears of Tutto italia


Alfredo’s closed about 3 months ago, and is just opening now as Tuttos. Allears.net has the lunch menu posted, but no dinner menu (as of the other day). It looks a bit pricey, even for Disney. We can let you know in a few weeks, as there are not many places Sharon will eat, so we will be trying it I am sure. Also heard that they just started taking ADR’s for it.


any link to the menu so I can pass it along to my friend?


Try Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World

They also have the dinner menu posted now.