Epcot kim possible


who here thinks this is good for kids


My kids LOVED IT! they are 8 and 10, and there are a Lot of different activities throughout the countries to do the activities… It is a fun scavenger hunt throughout the parks.


my friend has done this once and i was wondering


How old are you?


We did it last year when DS was 12. We ALL enjoyed it!!


We loved it too!


We all love it around here. It’s a fun way to explore WS and a great way to keep KP in our hearts.


y do you ask… i just feel fine giving it out


I didn’t mean to get too personal, just wondering since you asked if it was good for kids. No worries, you don’t have to answer the question.


:heart: it


My husband and I did this with our children 8 and 5 back in October. It was a big hit, and my kids asked to go back to EPCOT the next day to complete another mission. It is very exciting to see what pavilion you will be working in.

My suggestion is if you have two or more children you should split up into two different teams. You will have two different missions and the children will each have a transponder of there own, and get a chance to locate the clues on their own.

I can’t recommend this attraction enough. Another creative idea for Disney. It really made EPCOT a big hit with my kids!


I haven’t tried Kim Possible, but when I was by UK, there were a couple of girls using it, and they seemed to be having a good time.


Surprisingly, my DS took the Kimmuncator from me last Sept and was running around trying to find the clues. :laugh: He was just about to turn 3. We thoroughly enjoyed it together. :wub:


We too loved it. Our kids thought it was a great adventure, and DH and I compared it to a mini Amazing Race.


I asked 3-4 kids about it in February and they all loved it(ages 5-9 or so).


me and my siblings DS10 DB12 did it last year and we all had tons of fun, it lets you look at the world showcase but have fun at the same time if your not that into it


My kids did it last trip and loved it. My DD and her friend were 14 and 15!


We watched a couple of tweens having fun; and also a father & son yucking it up. I say do it.


We all loved it last time. DH and I and kids 5 & 16. Did China and Norway. China was better. We are looking forward to trying other countries this fall.


We bought the Passports at the front of WS and after each mission was completed for that country the girls got their passports stamped at Kidcot. That way they actually “visited” the countrys first. A couple didn’t have missions so we used those as mask time.
This summer they want to divide up into groups with the other 7 kids going with us and make it a contest. First to finish and get back wins!