Epcot Music? Am I going mad?


I could swear that there is really space-y instrumental music playing in Future World – you know, sort of wafting in and out of earshot from hidden speakers somewhere. It is really themish and atmospheric, soft and floaty and futuristic… I think it is also in the queue for Space Mountain.

… or is ther eno music like that, and my brain made the whole thing up??? Somebody please help me! Or get me a straightjacket! :blink:


One straightjacket coming up…I’ll check for you on Saturday. :smile:


Oh sure, their is lots of background music, or BGM, playing all over WDW. The main music that plays at Epcot in future world is also the same music that plays at Innoventions at Disneyland, I’m told.


You’re not going crazy, it’s definitely there. There is themed background music all over WDW.


Is their an echo in here??? :biggrin:


Is their an echo in here???


You are not mad, i LOVE the EPCOT music!!!


You can even buy a CD and feel like you are there anytime!!! :mickey:


We have the CD and love it


I have also noticed and its amazing. While walking through the parks as the music changes from one area to another it never appears to over lap or drown out each other. Only time it may over lap is because of a parade. Pretty neat stuff at WDW!!! I can’t to see what they do for Christmas time.



Just as long as it not the SMALL WORLD THEME…


:noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo:


I love the background music. If anyone gets a chance to go to Universal be sure to listen to the background music there too. It is really good.


i love epcot music.


I am so glad to see there is a CD of this music!!! Sometimes my husband will sit in line at Space Mountain, letting people pass him, so he can listen to the music they are piping in there a little bit longer. Now I know what I’m getting him for Christmas.


They still have background music, it’s just all Christmas music. I prefer the regular EPCOT background music, myself. Love Christmas music, but after awhile, it starts to get as grating as IASMW


Is there an echo in here?


I’ve never been to EPCOT, but I love the BGM at MK!


I have been on hold with three different companies (none disney) this past week that all had that EPCOT background music playing…


Have you heard of Subsonic Radio? Click Here!!! They play all Disney theme park ride audio and BGM. You can even request music! Subsonic Radio!!!


The music is part of the magic. Sometimes it is almost a subliminal message that makes the magic work. One of my favorite memories is back when Wonders of Life was open. Well after dark one night, there were few people in the area and the most beautiful music was playing. The lights in the trees were twinkling and the weather was cool and crisp…and the music really made it magical. So much so, that I found a CM to tell me what was playing and I bought the CD as soon as I got home. The music is varied in the different areas and as far as I have been able to find, the only CDs you can buy are mostly the parades. The Millenium CD is mostly from Tapestry of Dreams Parade.
The music in DAK also gets my attention. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a CM that could tell me what was playing and Disney doesn’t have a CD from that park. I would be first in line to buy it if they did.
One last note on music…if any of you saw the aviators in Epcot when they were there…the music played by the person that pushed the cart with them was the most entrancing music I have ever heard. I would love to hear it again!!!


OK PEOPLE!!! I just listened to the sample song on the link from alicefan, and the very song that has been haunting me is called REflections Of EArth!!! Yay!!! I think they play it by the dancing fountains, under Spaceship:earth and more… :biggrin: I am buying this album… thank you so much everybody!