Epcot @ New Years


Talked to a friend yesterday who told me that on New Year’s Eve, Epcot celebrates each World Showcase country’s New Year’s at the actual time. Is that true?? Sounds really neat.
I’ve never spent New Year’s at Disney. That sounds like something I should put in my queue.


If that is the case it will become a must do for us. I have never been there on New Year’s Eve but might have to look into that for next year!


>>f that is the case it will become a must do for us. I have never been there on New Year’s Eve but might have to look into that for next year!<<

Exactly. I always associated New Year’s Eve with Pleasure Island,etc. I think I’ve done all the Disney “seasons,” but New Years Eve may be something really cool to do. HAS to be a festive place to be.
Merry Christmas.


Crowd wise, Epcot on New Year’s Eve is almost as bad as Magic Kingdom!
They do celebrate each “midnight” in the countries, but when you consider that besides this traffic, there are two Illuminations performances, the Christmas edition at 7:30 and the New Year’s edition at about 11:42. The crowds start staking out spots for the late show by 8 PM, almost as soon as the early show has ended!
And they start passing out noisemakers and hats around 6 PM, so that noise gets pretty obnoxious real fast and stays that way until about 9 when there seems to be a changing of the crowd as people head out of the park and fresh people enter (and are not given noisemakers because they’re all gone).
Just a heads up.


That sounds so cool!!!
I may HAVE to make a concerted effort to get to Epcot for New Year’s 2011.


I have problems in heavy crowds, to the point of not getting on crowded elevators, yet when we went to the Magic Kingdom for New Years Eve I was quite comfortable. Yes it was PACKED, but everyone was in such a good mood that I was able to actually enjoy the whole experiance.

I think EPCOT itself would not be too bad since it is so large, but the pavilions are probably pretty packed.


That sounds awesome!!


This does sound really cool and we will def. be looking into it in the future.


That sounds great. I wish I was there this year!


I had never thought of this happening but I guess for somewhere like esp Epcot, this is something they of course would think about for the World Showcase area. How neat? One day we will come for xmas and New year break for sure but we need ot earn a lot of money before we can do this as I am not allowed any vacation time over december and the first 2 weeks of january so I would have to quit my job before I could take advantage of a Xmas break at WDW. One day though…:closedeye


We went once on New Year’s Eve and won’t do it again. The crowds were unmanageable and people were staking out their territory waaayyyy too early. If you don’t mind sitting in your “reserved” spot for at least 4 hours, go for it. In addition, the 4 hours of sitting, you could not even have someone else sit for you and you go do something else - reason is that everyone else was doing the same thing and all the Fast Passes for the rides were gone and the lines were rediculously long. You could have to wait hours just to get on one ride. People were staked out all over the park including the little grassy areas around the trees that had the fences around them (meaning you weren’t supposed to be in there in the first place). It was like WOODSTOCK!!! Keep all this in mind so you are not disappointed, especially if you dislike major crowds.


It’s a bit like this on July 4th too. Personally I find it desperately sad wasting quality Disney/Vacation time sitting on a kerb just to watch a Parade etc. Ive got way too much fun to be had and don’t ever intend on wasting a minute of my hard earned break away.


Sometimes I feel I need another job just for Disney! Esp. since I hav started going on their cruises.


We were @ the milenium party and it was crazy busy, the parks shut down minutes after opening. We didnt get out of there until 4 in the morning!:blink:
But the fire works show was awesome! We didnt stake out a spot, we just toured everything and came out in time for the shows. There were stages everywhere! Its like Times Square, ya gotta do it once!:cool:


I was there for New Years just two nights ago!
I was taking in a large group of kids, and we valet parked at BW and I walked them in the International Gateway at about 7:00.
There was no line, no nothing! They raced over to Biergarten and I stayed to watch the earlyhfireworks. By the time the fireworks were over and I left the same way I had come in, hundreds and hundreds of people had shown up at the turnstiles to get in!
Any way, I came back at 11:45 to pick up the kids and I waited on the Boardwalk with a huge crowd. there was a DJ playing dance music and all the other performers were entertaining the crowd. And after the late fireworks, both MK and Epcot had huge midnight shows. MK’s was incredible. We all watched from Boardwalk and it was one of those amazing Disney moments when the crowd is REALLY into the moment and having a blast. The MK show seemed to go on forever, and it was a different display than I had ever seen before.
After the fireworks, the crowd went wild and the kids headed back toward me, so I raced upstairs to get the car. I was maybe 150th or so in line… no kidding… and there were another 100 behind me! Those valets made their money that night!
In any event, even thought the crowd was enormous, it was one of the most special nights we’ve ever had here!


Sounds like a must do at least once to me… well maybe three times… Epcot one year then MK another and don’t forget DHS! :goofybounce:


fjs, yes they celebrate each country


I should add that BWV is our home resort, though we were at SSR this trip. so when I was in line to get my car from BW valet, it was incredibly hard to be cheerful and not jealous of all the people staying at BWV, especially the ones having cocktails and celebrating on their balconies within full view of the huge line I was wasting away in! LOL