Epcot or HS for holiday choice?


If you had to pick one, which would it be and why…Epcot Candlelight Processional or Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights display? Thanks!!


That’s a real tough one, as I’ve already seen the Osbourne Lights, so common sense would say the Processional. But, I’m craving to get back to Disney, just to see Osbourne again (it affected me that much!). So, my vote would be Osbourne Lights.


I would say Osbourne lights.


Both are good. If you do the processional you may have to line up really early unlike the lights where you can walk through them pretty much anytime of night.


We’ve never seen the Processional but we LOVE the Lights!


No contest for me…definitely Osbourne lights. I don’t care for the Canelight Processional, but most people love it so I know I’m in the minority.


WOW, that’s a tough one. Both are spectacular.


The Candlelight Processional wins hands down! Lights are nice but the Candlelight Processional is the heart of Christmas!


I agree. I don’t think I could just pick one over the other.

However if you add in what is in the rest of the parks Christmas wise, I’d pick Epcot. I’d try really hard to do both.


This… is… tough… Hmmm… It is hard to compare the two. I agree with cubsblue that the processional is the epitome of the Christmas season. We were there and got to see Steven Curtis Chapman as the narrator and it was amazing. Now, with that being said the Osbourne Lights are also great. I loved all of the lights programmed to the music but the best part was the snow! I don’t know that you could choose just between the two. I would say that you would have to take into consideration the parks in which these things take place. In that case I would take EPCOT over DHS.


I agree. You really can’t compare the two. Both are wonderful! Choose according to your favorite park…


Our family loves the Osbourne lights!


No reason you can’t do both and on the same night.
Getting a seat for the processional is much harder than simply walking up to Streets of America and waiting for the lights to dance every 15 minutes.
I can’t say what works better for you as it will depend more on what time DHS closes on any given night while Epcot closes at 9:30 nightly and the 3 performances of the processional are over before Illuminations.


Osbourne Family Lights - but I have 3 kids and it was hard for me to get them to sit still for that long.


Which ever has free beer.


Isn’t beer always the number one deciding factor? Or wine for DW.


I’ve never been to either one, so I was interested in the answers. Based on the responses you’ve had I think I’d go with the Osbourne lights. Maybe you could take some pics I’d love to see it too.


Thank you so much everyone…I want to do both but not sure if we can swing both financially…this is a last minute trip. If DD gets her way it will be DHS. While I’d love to do that as well, Epcot is my favorite park. If I don’t get to Epcot this year, well I guess I’ll just have to go back another year just for that reason alone! :slight_smile:


Are you saying that you’re only going to one park while there? Because both events are free and only need a park pass to get in.


We are going to MVMCP and then probably just one park, as otherwise I’d have to get the park hopper option which bumps up the cost quite a bit. I’m still crunching the numbers, though…so maybe…