Epcot Passports


has anyone tried this ?http://allears.net/tp/ep/ep_pass.jpg

thank yhou for input you might have


Is that the passport pages that you print out?


nope it is the one you can buy at any store in epcot


I’d like to hear more about this too. My 10-year-old would love this!


I curious about this too.


after doing more research on the internet this is what i came up with

This souvenir was created to help children enjoy their visit to EPCOT by collecting stamps and stickers from the eleven countries featured in the World Showcase. The kit contains one EPCOT passport, 11 sheets of “stamp” stickers from the World Showcase countries, a vinyl storage pouch and an EPCOT button. As children travel around World Showcase, they can apply the “stamp” stickers to their passport, and even have their passport stamped at a designated location inside each Pavillion.

MouseShoppe: EPCOT Passport Set

Has any adults tried this ?


We’ve done this a couple of times and the kids loved it. You can purchase the passport package at the souvenir shops and at most of the shops within each country. You get the passport and corresponding stickers and a button. You can get the passport signed in each country by the CM at the Kidcot stop. The CM’s are great and will usually personalize the booklet for the kids or write some sort of interesting fact about their country. They are a great keepsake afterwards. I believe they cost about $10.


My DD and nephew LOVED this!
Just make sure you get it in MouseGears or just over the bridge as you get to World Showcase- otherwise, you have to backtrack to get the countries you missed.
VERY COOL! Worth $10…IMO anyway! It is just like a real passport. Much cooler than the free kidspot passport thing. Although, we have done that too… before the passports were available :slight_smile:


We love those. We have 4, yes 4 sets of them.:laugh:

Each country comes with stamps of pics from that country. Place them in spaces alloted. Take them to the Kidcot areas and the nationals from each country will usually write a short msg in their language as well as stamp it. A button of all Nations comes with it too.


believe it or note my two adult children did this one of our trips with them… they had a great time… and all of the cm were fine with it.


my kiddos enjoyed doing this several times we’ve been. This year a friend of mine made her own & gave me the template, so I may try to create one vs buying the same one we have. Hers is so cute, it has mickey dressed in each countries outfits!