Epcot Question!


:confused: Hello Everyone…

Now this may be a dum question but i was wondering if the refurbishment on “Spaceship Earth” had been completed, as when i was last there in May of this year i heard that it was to close shortly after my return to the U.K., for some sort of re vamp!

Does anyone know anything?

I have had nightmares about the little boy who shouts, “Extra,Extra Read All About It!” ever since my first trip to Disney World as a young boy, and was wondering if he had survived the big Chop!

My two kids thinks it’s hilarious how this freaks me out!, and are always chanting those sacred words, but i guess it would be sad to see him go!

Many thanks in advance to all…


Last I saw was it was to reopen February 19th 2008.:smile:

Info here: Spaceship Earth - Project Tomorrow


spaceship earth is set to reopen mid december according to the ORLANDO SENTINEL


We just got back yesterday and everything we heard while there is mid Febuary.


All the CMs who work at that ride tell me the same thing every day. Mid February.


Now you’ve got it straight from the BIG DOG’s mouth! :laugh:


According to Disney’s Magical Mountain news, Spaceship Earth will have a ‘soft’ opening in mid-December. (whatever ‘soft’ means). I will paste the link later when I get to a non-restricted computer.


Well that bites. We are leaving shortly to go over Christmas and that is one ride that we all wanted to go on.


Here is the Magical Mountain Post: (sorry for the delay…Web Sense no fun!)
Magical Mountain - Disney News - Disney’s Spaceship Earth To Soft Open in December

Walt Disney Imagineering announced that the newly remodeled Spaceship Earth will be re-opening in mid-December. The classic Epcot ride had many updates, including a new soundtrack, new technology, a new story overlay and even a new narrator, Judi Dench. The rehab began earlier this year. It originally followed man through the different ages of communication. Now, it will follow man through the ages of innovation.

Guests will see a dramatic change in the ride, with new costumes, new lighting and set decorations, as well as some new interactive features for the riders to participate in. While Spaceship Earth, opened in 1982, has undergone occasional updates in the past, this update will be the first major change that the ride has seen.

The new soundtrack was composed by 10-time Emmy Award Winning composer Bruce Broughton, who used a 63-piece orchestra and a 24-voice choir. “To have that score transition smoothly as vehicles travel from one time period to the next is extremely difficult,” said Walt Disney Imagineering show producer Bob Zalk. “The first time we rode through the attraction accompanied by that music, we were amazed.”


That attraction was so in need of some TLC and it sounds like it got it. Can’t wait to read about how the refurb turned out, I’m sure it will be amazing.


sounds cool!!

wonder if it will be closed for referb again in Nov. 2008…it says (as of now) it will be on the wdw calendar.


I still wish they could have carried through on plans to build a roller coaster, but if they had, the geodome would have collapsed because the original ride is integral to the structure of the building.


I LOVE Judi Dench!

It just about killed me not to ride in it Sept. Now I’ll be able to see all the refurbs in Feb!


They were having some soft openings when we were there last week. Course, the second we heard it was open we ran all the way over to find it was closed again. But I was talking to a guy who went on it and there sounds like some good changes there for us very soon.


My kids LOVE this ride for some reason. I hope the changes are to their liking.