Epcot San Angel Inn Cinnamon Coffee


any of you that are in love with the cinnamon coffee at Epcot’s San Angel Inn (mexico) will appreciate this tip that i wormed out of our waiter… he said that you can make the same thing at home, and i have tried it, and it’s gooooood. all you have to do is put your coffee in your filter as usual, then eyeball a good amount of cinnamon and dump it in on top of the coffee. let it brew, add sugar to your liking, and yippee!!! :wub:


My cousin Jessica makes THE BEST coffee. I have been drinking it for a few years and recently asked her what she does to it. Guess what? her secret is Cinnamon! I never would have guessed but you are right - it is GOOOOOOD!


I spent many a cold night as Officer of the Deck drinking columbian coffee laced with cinnamon I had the signalmen make… :wub:

It really does wonders… And hands down better than the “General Grind” that the Navy purchased and was brewed by the Boatswains Mate… :nonono2:


We will have to try this.



I buy Dunkin donuts cinnamon coffee but I will try this trick and see if it is better, thanks,Nanci