Epcot soda sampling station


Does anyone know if the soda sampling station in epcot reopened.


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Yes it is. It’s new and shiny and still has everyone’s favorite tasty beverage…BEVERLY!!! :blow:



We missed it last year.:frown:

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You missed Beverly? :blow:



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :blow: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Are they going to get the other flavors in? I noticed they were out of almost all of them in May…


I noticed that too. I wanted to try the watermelon one!


Me, too!! I really wanted to try the watermelon one!!! We should tour EPCOT together, Foxie Roxie!


We should…but it was kinda fun just standing around after they closed! :laugh:


It’s all new now and it’s called “Club Cool” No more ice station though, it looks more like a store now.

Here’s my griend Geri as I got her to sample the Beverly soda:


Yeah, that was awesome. I loved it. :wub:

Oh! They were playing my boyfriend Rob THomas in Club Cool when I went…I just thought everyone here should know that.


Does Matt know about that?


Erin, Matt would crush Rob Thomas… :laugh:

When we went in May (the day Erin totally avoided and ditched me) they only had 4 or 5 of the flavors… Strange that they NEVER run out of Beverly… :laugh:


Club Cool Rules…as my boys said just a few days ago when we were there. Yes, we all tried the Beverly and then had to drink about a gallon of other flavors to get rid of that distinct taste. Little DS liked the one from China (watermelon flavor), and older DS liked the one from Germany (that tasted most like regular coke). The one from Mozambique tasted much like Ginger Ale. I liked all three of these. It was funny watching people taste Beverly. :laugh::laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :blow: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Last time I was there all the flavors were running on 90% of the machines. One thing I like is they made it so people can’t bring in huge bottles and fill them up anymore. The only thing you can get in there now is the sample cups.


Double post please delete.


That MezzoMix is HUGE in Germany… It’s everywhere…


YUMMMM…beverly, everyone must try beverly at least once.


Funny,I filled my 32-oz bottle with the ginger ale yesterday.


I didn’t think you’d still be able to get it in there but I guess I’m wrong.