Epcot-why these?


OK, maybe this has been asked before, but why or how did they decide on the 13 countries to include in the world showcase? Is there any reason why some were included & some left out?


I believe it was set up as a sponsorship. THere is actually room for a few more countries but there are currently no takers. The countries are basically tourism board investments. Each country was given a say on how their investment would be portrayed.

I am not sure how the invitation was extended to participate.


Yeah, each country actually pays the employees salaries, etc. So, if they want to pay the big bucks for a sponsership, they get in. Otherwise, no WS for you!


Nothing to add, they answered it for ya !


So what you’re telling me is that WS is just a living travel brochure for these countries!!! How magical…


Why would that take away from your enjoyment? I think it’s only natural for each country to try to show the best they have to offer to American tourists.


i love the workd showcase it is my favorite part of epcot. of course they want our business it makes sense and gives us a peak at what they have to offer. a win win situation IMHO


Actually there is only 11 countries at present time. Mexico, Norway, China, Germeny, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, Great Britian, and Canada.


ok if they were going to add countries which ones would you want them to add.


Russia would be cool.


I’d say Spain or maybe a South American country. India would be cool too.


Texas…it’s a whole other country.



No, this part of Epcot is part of Walt’s vision of a permanent World’s Fair type of experience. Anyone who did get to NY 1964-65 will recognize this aspect with no trouble. There, countries, states, and corporations all paid for the honor of building pavilions to market their company, country, state.


I bet the World’s Fair was just too cool.

I really like WS, from what I’ve seen of it. It’s a great way to get a small taste of what some of those countries have to offer.


Oh, come on! I didn’t have anything for or against Norway before this, but anyone who brings us “Maelstrom”… well, I’m certainly favorably disposed toward Norway now! This is what we call a win/win situation! :laugh:


I love Maelstrom except I have two gripes: One, it’s too short, and two… well, there’s just something about traveling from Vikings to polar bears to trolls, “a land of beauty,” etc. … to this… oil rig. :huh: “No, no, I want to go back to the trolls!”

prefers trolls to oil rigs


:laugh: I agree with that!!!


I would love to see Israel come in where the trading post is.


I would love to see Ireland or Finland come in as they are what makes up a majority of my heritage.

I had never really thought about how the countries had been chosen. I’m glad the question was asked!


I’d like to see Australia or a South American country. Other than the Antarctic, they’re the only continents not represented.

And why shouldn’t countries show themselves in the best possible light? How does that negate the magic? I love the World Showcase.