wanted to know if the place that is in epcot that had all the coke products from around the world is still there… :happy:


Its still there. Its called Club Cool.

You’re got to try thr Beverley, its lovely :biggrin: :biggrin:


did they just redo the whole place,was not there last oct…


It was closed last year for a re-hab. It opened towards the end of last year. The “igloo” entrance is all gone, its more like a shop now.


LOL yes, the Beverly. :laugh: Oh Lord…


When I was there the first week of March, they had most of the flavors from before, but the first week of April, they had nothing at all, only Beverly and the Italian one, everything else was gone. Seems to be hit and miss as to what they offer, maybe they were just awaiting a shipment or something.


We finally got there on our last trip, I could never seem to find it lol, and I’m glad we did. It was fun trying all the different flavors, though I didn’t find even one that I really liked!


We were there on Friday. All the flavors are there, though many of the stations were not in operation. Without the ice-tunnel entrance, the place has really lost all its charm.


You know that taste you get when you drink Grapefruit juice and then milk???
try licking an ashtray first and you come close to Beverly :eek:


I totally agree with you,Park Hopper!!


[COLOR=DarkRed]BEVERLY: Tastes like feet smell…[/COLOR]


It’s good for a quick sip (or twelve) for a little refreshment.

But remember who told you to try Beverly. You will want to hunt them down most likely. :wink:


It goes great with a nice vegamite sandwhich. :pinch:


I actually like Beverley! I’m half Italian, so that must be why! :tongue:


HAHAHAHA! :huh: :pinch:


Beverly; the only beverage that ever made me cry :eek: :crying: :blow: :nuke:


Ok… You like Beverly and you’re half Italian. So you must be half Italian and half CRAZY!!! :laugh:



Good one!


One quarter crazy, one quarter insane, actually!

(the insane quarter is the part that likes the Beverley! It helps keep the deep seeded thrombosis in check!) :pinch:


ok i am guessing the beverly is a soda from Italy from the posts!!! last jUne when we were there the place was closed. I am also half Italian and all nuts so Im curious what does it really taste like.[ other then feet}