Epcot...Nestle Toll House Baking Workshop for kids



I want my son to do this when we are there in December. Has anyone done it? Are there specific times or is it random throughout the day? How many times each day? How many kids do they take at a time? Do you have to sign up in advance? What are my chances of getting him in there?

I just think it would be SOO COOL for him to be able to get involved. He’d L :heart: VE IT!!! Thanks in advance for any info anyone can give!!! :cool:


I’ve seen it in Disneyland, and it appears the kids have a BLAST! They not only get to make their cookie, but the decorations seem to thrill them.

I believe there are certain times throughout the day, and the numbers are limited. I would suggest signing up sooner than later. But that’s DL info, though I suspect WDW would be the same… :tongue:



Kim - here is a post that might help. Maybe Nathanial can make some yellow sponge cod chedder fish when you are there. :laugh: :laugh:


If he does, please have him send one to me! :laugh:


You’re gettin’ a whole case of those little delights! :tongue:


SL!! SL! SL!! SL! :laugh:

I can’t wait!!!

It’s not right that I’m laughing this hard!


Hey, how come kids have all the fun??? What about the Toll House Baking Experience for US??? Hmmm? WHAT ABOUT US??? :wink:


We are going to WDW in sept…definitely have to check this out for my 4 yr old…


Hey Kim! Dan’s little sister did this on one of her birthdays in Disney. From what I remember there were about 18-20 kids and they all got to wear these cute chef hats and maybe aprons I think. When we walked into the land for lunch she saw it and I remember we had to wait like 45 minutes because a session had just ended. We just went on the Land while we waited. We didn’t have to pre-register or anything. It was really cute, if I get a hold of Dan’s stepmom I will ask her for a picute, or more info.


double post, double post


We did this in Oct while waiting for our Soarin fast pass time. DD loved it!!! I’m not sure what the specific times are, since we just stumbled upon it, but you don’t pre-sign up for it. There were about 15 kids and they gave them paper chef hats (which they wrote the kids name on) and aprons. They were all on stools behind a long counter. There were about 3 CM’s working with the kids in different groups. (The kids are facing you, so you can see them at all times and take pictures). They then make Nestle Toll House Cookie batter and each kid gets to help put in the ingredients. Then they put them on a cookie sheet and into the “magic” oven and they come out all done and piping hot from the “magic” oven. The kids then get to take the cookies and the chef hat with them. DD LOVED it!!! If I can figure out how to resize my pictures, I’ll attach them!!


I’ve never even noticed this!! We’ll definitely have to look for it in September!


DD did this when she was 4 and 5. Had a blast, when ever we are in EPCOT she asks to go. It runs 4 or 5 times during the day. The times are posted in front of the Nestle Booth.


I wanna do it!! I want cookies at EPCOT!

and a chefs hat, TOO!


The Chef’s hat is pretty cool :wink:


let’s see if I can post a picture…


yayyyy, I did it!!! Here’s another…


the CM Chef’s put flour on the kids noses!!


UM, yeah! I hope he gets to make that sponge cod cheddar fish…he can eat that, while I eat the cookies! But I’ll make him share with you and Erin, of course… :wink:


Oh, no worries. I intend to tell him he is making the cookies SPECIFICALLY for mommy…LOL… :wink: (MAYBE I’ll give him one :happy: )