EPCOT's 25th anniversary 'Celebration Gallery' now OPEN!


I read this on allears and I can’t wait to check it out!!
Dateline Disney November / December 2007

Epcot History Now on Display to Mark Theme Park’s 25th Anniversary

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – The Epcot 25th Celebration Gallery, an exhibit showcasing archived images, music, artwork, storyboards, design models, costumes and memorabilia from Epcot’s opening day on Oct. 24, 1982, is now open at Epcot. The 1,300-square-foot gallery is located inside Innoventions West.

Some of the notable items on display, all lovingly restored for the exhibition:

the original model for Spaceship Earth, featured just inside the exhibit entrance

original models of three World Showcase pavilions – Germany, Canada and The American Adventure

the original “Dreamfinder’s Dream Machine”

the Horizons robot character

The gallery also celebrates the people who brought Walt Disney’s dream and the legacy of Epcot to life. The exhibit includes several elements used by Imagineers to illustrate the design process, including concept art, color boards, maquettes, props and costume design.


I can’t wait to see that. Thanks for the info.


Oh wow cool! Is this something they are going to keep up for awhile or is it only temporary for the year? I hope it’s still there in August. I would love to see it.


I had read this somewhere too. I don’t know how long it will be there but I hope we get time to go see it.


It is temporary. I put pics up on my 25th anniversary article, it opened the day of the 25th anniversary celebration a few weeks back. From what I understand, it’s open for a few months. I tried to add some photos here from Photobucket for you all to look at (a few anyway), but for some reason it isn’t showing images.



oh I hope its there when we go in March


ditto…I hope that it’s there in March…isn’t it wonderful that everytime you go to Disney there is something new to see!


Remember the National Treasures exhibit as well! I hope they keep the Epcot 25th exhibit open longer. If you get there, make sure to stop by and support it!



Wow! I am looking forward to seeing this!


I am there - I can not wait to just spend the time to wander around and enjoy it. Of course I’ll need to show my boys, but then go back and spend some more time on my own!
Epcot is our favorite place, and the original attractions always brings me back to when I was younger and explored it when I was 14 - when it first opened.


It is interesting, but not huge (bigger than National Treasures, though) - and you have to look for it. There isn’t a sign leading the way, I don’t think anything on the guide map.