Epcot's Club Cool soda fountain?


I’ve never heard of this before. Is this still at Epcot? Does it cost anything to taste the different sodas?


Hey, Jen! My kids love Club Cool, and it doesn’t cost one extra penny. It is in Epcot. DH was just reading over my shoulder, and he said, “They have some nasty tasting stuff at Club Cool.” :laugh: Now just wait for the Beverly comments to come rolling in. :laugh:


Oh man! Club Cool is a faaaavorite stop of ours! Some of them are really good and others of them, well, you will just have to try them. :laugh:


Definitely a fun place! I agree some are surprisingly yummy and others are, well, not. It’s absolutely worth a stop and it always feels extra air conditioned in there too!


We love club cool.


Love club cool!


watermelon china my friend


I <3 Club Cool!! The Fanta from Mexico is my favorite! Its open from 9am to 7pm everyday day.


Thanks for all the info. Where in Epcot is it located? I am so curious now!


You HAVE to try the Beverly. BossMouse absolutely swears by it.


In Future World, the same building next to the Character Meets facing the Fountain.


to the right of fountain,and water show as you are walking to world showcase


Definitely check it out… It’s really cool!


Its so good on a hot day- unlimited tasters of all the different sodas (small cups, but enough to quench a thirst)- its a little obscure to find, but once you’ve found it you’ll wonder how come you never saw it before:laugh:


I’ve noticed that the floor around the dispensers is sometimes sticky and slippery, so be careful.
Also, remember that drinking that much soda that fast will give you gas and possibly a tummy ache from the excess sweeteners involved.

Beverly is #1!!!:laugh:

And Club Cool is just south of the ice cream parlor alongside the west side of the fountain (right side as you look south) and directly opposite Mousegear on the east side.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1068102]I’ve noticed that the floor around the dispensers is sometimes sticky and slippery, so be careful.
[/QUOTE] This is the one thing I really dislike about Club Cool.


Gotta love Beverly!


My DH LOVES Club Cool :heart::heart:- I am not so much a fan of the flavors but its always a great place to drop by to cool you off.


Yeah! Fanta from Mexico is my favorite too! I love Club Cool!


It’s there,it’s cool … and unlike just about everything else at WDW, it’s free…