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There is an EXCELLENT feature article in the new Game Informer magazine that details the story & gameplay of the upcoming “Epic Mickey” video game for Wii. I know when a lot of people first saw the art that leaked for this game hardcore Disney lovers were a little critical of it’s dark & menacing appearance. I think if everyone reads the article you may get a more appreciative view of it. I REALLY disagreed with two statements made by game creator Warren Spector in the article but his vast knowledge & appreciation for Mickey Mouse and Disney animation helps me to accept his viewpoint. VERY interesting concept for a game & the gameplay sounds great. Even if you aren’t a big gamer (like me) you may want to check it out or at least read the article because it sounds like Disney’s intent with pushing this video game may be to slightly reinvent the supposedly dormant Mickey persona. Interesting stuff!

I didn’t find the magazine article on-line but Game Informer Magazine does have an “Epic Mickey Hub” you can visit to see art, hear music, watch videos, etc.
Epic Mickey - GameInformer


lol…Does this come to your house to?? I haven’t seen it yet but Dave has told me about it 35 times. The magazine is sitting in the hall bathroom I should just open it and look at it sometime. It does sound cool though!


It sounds super cool! Can’t wait to get it. I will have to fight Mike for game time though! lol


haha, yes, Daniel has a subscription.


DH has a subscription too and our copy came yesterday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mickey graphic on the front cover, the one where it looks like drops of paint are coming off of him; the same one that is on the link that you posted! May be a future tattoo!!


Don’t suggest that to my husband. haha. He’ll be at the tattoo parlor tomorrow. :laugh:


trailer from E3 YouTube - Epic Mickey Trailer
YouTube - Epic Mickey Gameplay
YouTube - Epic Mickey behind the scenes and gameplay scenes


Ooh! It looks so pretty. I’m going to have to get this simply because it has intrigued me so much at this point! :laugh:


I just saw this article on yahoo - it may have been posted elsewhere already, sorry if it is. It discusses some of the changes that have been made since the concept art, most notably their decision to NOT turn Mickey into a “snarling evil rat” … good choice, I think. :laugh:

Mickey Mouse’s mean makeover erased from Wii game - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games