Epic Mickey


…bought it yesterday but I can’t figure how to work it. Guess it would help if I could figure out the wii, which I still can’t do either. I’m so computer “ill-iterate” when it comes to video games. Give me Pacman and Frogger and i’m good:laugh: I did get a chance to watch DD11 play it for a few minutes and it looked Amazing!!! The graphics are nothing like what I had as a kid with my beloved Atari. Too bad i’m too embarrased to ask my kid for help on how to play a game:blush::laugh:


DD loves it. You have to have the “nun chuck” hooked up to the controller to move Mickey around.


My husband and daughter have been playing it since Christmas. Did you get the paintbrush attachment too it looks neat when they use it in play?



[QUOTE=christina101902;1060738]My husband and daughter have been playing it since Christmas. Did you get the paintbrush attachment too it looks neat when they use it in play?


I need more info on the paintbrush attachment! My son got this for Christmas and loves it. I even enjoy watching him play, which isn’t really typical for me. I think I may give it a try sometime.


Well, Mickey has a paint brush. And he throws paint at things to bring color back to WDW. I’m telling you, I am a complete video dummy :laugh:.
After looking at the game it’s so sad to even think that Disney could be that drab and mechanical. Kinda makes me appreciate all the cotton-candy fluff the imagineers paint for us to see, unlike other parks where it’s a bunch of twisted metal and steel.


You guys need to talk to Erin- she is really great on Epic Mickey.


I am looking forward to trying this out when my DH is in Toronto. I have it hidden from him and the kids so that I can get the hang of it.


here is a pic of the special paintbrush, I think it was a limited time item.


Lol I just have to comment cant believe I uploaded that on my first try:laugh:. I’m technologically challenged.



Is this for the Wii? I have not heard of this.


Yes its for the wii kind of a Disney kick back to characters you may not know.


My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas, and I haven’t opened it, yet! Is it awesome? I’m not very good at video games… :blush:


Got this for Xmas as a gift. I have played it a bit (maybe 2 hours). Very fun! It is not as easy as it looks. Unlike many other video games, you have to have some dexterity to play.

Darn cool! :mickey:


My son absolutely loves his game! I have a feeling he would play it for hours in a row if I would let him!


I got it for my son, but I am the one playing it all the time. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO bad, first of all I don’t understand these games, the last time I got hooked on a game was Zelda! LOL
Right now I am stuck at this place and don’t know what to do. Time to get my son in here and figure it out. LOL


Santa brought Epic Mickey to all 3 of my kids to share? Only DS has played it, but he would play all day long if I let him. :laugh:


Uggggg… I just tried to play Epic Mickey for the first time. I am very frustrated!!!

I cannot get out of stupid Dark Beauty Castle!

Okay, after I damage the first control panel, I cannot make the jump over to Gus. I have made it hanging off, then climbed back up, and then that stupid claw that I supposedly broke knocked me off. :angry:

Help??? :blush:


Sounds like you all need this THE BOOK!


Hmmm… a book! :laugh:

Ahh… we need an Epic Mickey party! I think it would be quite hilarious. :laugh:


Don’t need to buy the book, just type in Epic Mickey Walk thrus in google and you will probably get help