One thing that I really have to say about my trip is that it was magical!!
I thought my mom and dad will hate this trip, but they really loved it and after we got back from the trip, my mom even ask me to take her back some day!!
Well, I really had many magical experiences…
If I really have to choose one magical experience….

That must be Fantasmic!

When we were there, rain was really heavy…
We went to the Fantasmic amphitheater around 8 P.M to catch 9 P.M show, but rain started about 8:55 and show had to be the short one (only the fireworks).
I was really disappointed, and I got really sad because I could not show the show to my parents, so I waited in the rain…
For first few minutes, my parents and all the family members were there with me, but my parents got some how mad about my stubbornness…
So… I waited and waited… in the rain.
To tell you the truth… the rain was really heavy.
I really did not know the rain will stop or not…
Even though I had raincoat, I got socked…
There were many people around me, but they soon gave up and left.
At the end, there were only 8 people left (including me and my sister).
I almost cried because I got really depressed.
That was the last day of the Disney and I really want my mom and dad to see the show.
Because of the rain and lightening, they already shortened the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, and Indiana Jones was my dad’s favorite movie. I felt already bad because my dad was not able to see the Indiana Jones Stunt show.
I was standing in the rain, and I was praying hard to the God to stop the rain.
I was saying to my sister that Florida’s weather is this way, so the rain will soon stop, but in my deep heart, I was really worrying…
Any way…
Around 9:15… They started let the people to come in, and rain got some what slowed down.
Around 9:30, rain completely stopped, and I called my parents to come to join us!! Because we were stupid enough to wait in the rain, the manager of the place even showed us the center sits for us!!
So… We watched the show!! and the show was really great!!!
My parents even loved that show!!! My parent even rated Fantasmic higher than the Illumination and Wishes!!
It was really magical!!!

I really thank you guys for all the infos and support!

If you wish hard!!! your wish will come true!!!

P.S. The crowd level thing is the most accurate crowd level report I ever saw, just follow it and you will never be in the crowd!!!


I bought the Camcorder and recorded almost half of my trip.
I video recorded some of the ride and fireworks, so if you guys wants any, just let me know!! I will find a way to post it!!


Glad it worked out for you. It’s nice to hear how you really wanted the show to go on for the sake of your Mom and Dad.


that is a diehard fan to sit in the rain like that- I wonder if I would have done the same!


I love Fantasmic! I would have waited in the rain with you. Out of all the shows that is one of the best.


I also love Fantasmic and can’t imagine a trip to Disney without watching it at least once with my family. I’m glad you got to see it with your parents and sister.


thats really cool…


I am glad your trip was magical!