Erin and Family FINALLY become Passholders!


Back in December, Matt and I decided (after I pouted for days because I had to miss mousefest) that we should become passholders. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I could never talk him into coughing up the change to do it until this year!

Not alot of planning went into this. Matt’s work schedule changes all the time (infact, I was supposed to be there today and tomorrow, but that got switched around)

So, when he gave me the word, I scrambled to get a reservation (which got messed up), and scrambled to come up with some sort of game plan! (Thank you, Ingamba!)

So, here is our short little TR about becoming Passholders, and enjoying a day at Mickey’s house :c)


HOORAY!!! You deserve it!..I’d better go make some popcorn and get ready for this SS&TTP TR :tongue:

Short. Sweet. & To. The. Point.


Matt, my DH. GP employee. This will be pertinent information, later.
Me, Erin. 28. Wacky Insane.
Mikie, DS. 11. Way too cool for us!
Sissy, DD. 9. She’s a total Princess!
Caisley, DD. Almost 2. A commando in training!

I spent most of Wednesday throwing together some sort of plan, as already mentioned. I called a few days before, and supposedly reserved a room at the POP with a FL. resident discount.

Situation: Perfect.

We hardly sleep Wednesday night. I finally go to bed around 2, to be rudely awakened by Matt at 5:00 AM.

He says, “Hey, Disney Princess, Mickey’s waiting”. :wub:

Ok, not so rude.

I jump outta bed, get everyone up and ready, and we are on the road by 5:45. We do not waste time.

We drive through McDonalds for some Mcgriddles and Diet coke (only in America), and don’t stop again till we get to POP Century!

Here is Mikie and Caisley as we are pulling onto WDW property!!

I will apologize now for the quality of my pictures! You guys know my camera problems!


Here’s the POP enterance!

The kids are coming out of their skin with excitement! We haven’t been to a park since March, and we are R2G! :wink:


Here are the kids waiting while we check in!

They thought the old school gameboy on the Timeline Wall was ‘sooo cool’!

The resort was way nicer than I thought it would be. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but I guess I didn’t have my hopes up too high! LOL!

Either that, or I’m easy to please :c)

We did have a small problem with check-in. The rate I thought I had, I didn’t have. She said I could call CRO, and get the FL resident rate, but that she couldn’t change it herself???

OK. I’m not one to argue. Not when time is a-wastin’. So, over to the house phone I go. I jump on the phone with CRO, and within minutes I have a FL resident rate of 64 dollars for the night. I’m down with that.

Back to the front desk, only to find out it takes a while to upload our new reservation. No problem. We’re outta here! WE’ll check in, tonight!

A few weeks ago, while inquiring about APs, a dear friend of mine called WDW for me, and asked where I could purchase my APs. Whoever my dear friend (:wink:) spoke to said I could purchase them right any resort.


I went to the Ticket person, who told me NO, I had to go to the parks to get them.

OK, again, no problem, just get me to the park, and get me there NOW!

So, we are outta there, and we don’t even head back to the car for the stroller. We go straight to the bus for DS.



Wow Erin I didn’t realize how much Sissy looks like Caisley! Caisleys like a mini Sissy!


Yay! I have been so excited to hear how things went. The pictures are great! :mickey:


So, it was off to DS, where we finally became Passholders!!

After Matt got over the initial purchase, he managed to get in a pretty decent mood. :laugh:

I finally have my first experience with finger scanning. It was uneventful, because it was the first one, but let me tell you, I sure was excited to put that annual pass through the scanner!!! :wub:

We are there before 9, and everyone is lined up just outside of the gates to get let in.
Matt is tall, and none of us are, but he tells us that there are TONS of characters waiting for us!! Stich is dancing around! I can see part of Tigger, and he is WAVING!
Matt says they know I’m here, and they’re waiting! :heart:

A song starts, a countdown is said, and we are on our way! We head right to the TOT! It was so funny…half the crowd went to attack the characters, and half the crowd went to attack TOT!

Matt, Mikie and Sissy have never ridden TOT, so we are all very excited. Since I have ridden before, I send them on and I wait with Caisley. We were given a baby swap, but I still have it. No need for it.

There are NO LINES.

Here is Caisley and me - waiting at ToT.


Matt loves TOT, and so does Mikie. Sissy isn’t so sure. In fact, Sissy looks a little pale.

It’s my turn to go, and I say, OK! Who is coming with me? Sissy surpises me by saying “me! Me!”, and of course, Mikie is game.

We all go, and LOVE it - or at least I thought. At the end, as we are getting up to leave our practically EMPTY car - Sissy is in tears! She says “twice in a row, is one ride too many!”


So, we head to RnRC - the moment my husband, the Greatest Aerosmith Fan Of All, is waiting for.

Since I have already ridden this ride, Mikie and Matt head out, while Sissy and I wait with the baby. We feed the baby Sprite and Potato Chips (breakfast of champions, right?) and then I hear it.

The greatest Aerosmith song. Ever. Why haven’t I ever heard this song before? OK, admittedly, I don’t usually listen to mainstream music, but, still…you’d think I’d know this song.

Name of Song: Pink.

It’s my new favorite song, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m obsessed with it. IN fact, I will be buying the album tomorrow.

Here is Caisley with her Sprite. Matt took this picture. It’s funny to me how much tall her he is than her.


awww Erin, I :heart: your children SO much! SO CUTE!!!


After Matt and Mikie come back, Sissy decides she is ready to ride RnRC, so we head right in.

No lines, y’all. I couldn’t believe it! We just walked right into the preshow!

Sissy is a little nervous, but decides to go for it. She almost backs out when she sees how fast that car takes off.

I’m pretty sure the only reason she went through with it is because Mikie did it!

Either way, we have a great time riding it!

Matt deems it his favorite ride (and who can blame him!?). I sing my new favorite song as we leave the RnRC area… (pink…it’s my new obsession…yeah)

Where to next, y’all!?

We have no clue, we are so bad! So, we decide to wander a bit, and see what is to be seen.

We check out the scenery (there is alot to look at int his park!), and the kids decide they need to see the Pizza Planet arcade…it is, afterall, in the movie TOY STORY.

On the way (I think?) We see this Christmas Shoppe, complete with a “snowman”, and since we are Florida Dorks, we have to take pictures.

This is the closest they’ve ever been to a snowman!


Here is Mr. Potato Head on top of Pizza Planet :c)

We love Mr. Potato Head!

(btw, thank you, Princess Tessa and pumouse! I love those kids!!!)


After Pizza Planet Arcade Time, we decide to walk around some more, and take it all in, and we come across:



NO PEOPLE! :heart:

Where is everyone??? It’s a beautiful, sunny, warm day!? Not that I’m complaining, but…WHERE did everyone go?

So we see:

Green Army Dude


Mikie is way too cool to get his picture taken, and Caisley is scared, so we make him push the baby around while we go on this Character Extravaganza.

Here is Sissy with Kimpossible.

Can she be any cuter??? No!


YAY!!! I love the pics Erin :heart: And I’ll say it too, your kids are just sweet!

More, more, more :mickey:


Green Army Guy?? We love you!


I love the Kimposible pic! How does any real life person have that stomach! honestly! LOL!
Also, the green army men kind agive me the heeby jeebies :pinch:


Erin… You forgot to ride ToT… How silly of you. :tongue: There for a minute, before you got to the next post, I thought you were gonna chicken out…but then I realized you “didn’t need the baby swap” because there were no lines. You’re lucky… I was gonna jump on ya for being a chicken… :biggrin:


That is one of my ALL-TIME favorite Aerosmith songs… I LOVE IT!!!


There was no wait for Buzz, Woody, OR Jessie…infact, we walked up to all these characters!

It was amazing.

Mikie was getting bored, so we walked around the corner, and we heard some loud music…

we see a very cool purple car…

we realize…


All the sudden, Mikie is NOT too cool for characters!


Disneyhog - is Pink our favorite color?!