Erin and Family's Groovy Day at the MK


A few days ago, Matt says to me “I wanna go to WDW” - hah! OK! You don’t have to tell me twice!

Matt just worked 16 days straight, and yesterday was his only day off until Tuesday, and he wanted to spend it at the MK. Yeah, he’s a closet Disney Freak.

Here is our cast:

Me, Erin - 28
Matt - 30
Mikie - 11
Sissy 9
Caisley, The Craziest Baby Ever - almost 2

I found out from my Personal Disney Planner (aka Ingamba) that MK would be open until 11 and…SPECTROMAGIC will be the parade for the evening!!!

I have been trying to catch Spectromagic for a bajillion years, so I’m so jazzed!

So, we head out Saturday, around 11:30.

Lesson Learned:

When going to the MK on a Saturday, DO NOT plan on spending the AFTERNOON in the park, like we did. Go as EARLY as possible.

We had to actually WAIT in line, and thassnotcoo’

Next time, we will either:

  1. NOT go on a Saturday
  2. Go early in the morning to the MK, and then switch to another park for the afternoon.



Per the advice of the aforementioned DisneyPlanner, I made an ADR for Tonys in the morning, before we left.

I had no problem getting in, and took that as a good sign that it wouldn’t be overwhelmingly busy.

But, on the way there we decided we’d rather eat at Chef Mickeys.

So, we park at the Contemporary, tell the guy at the gate our delemna (he doesn’t care, and just tells us where to park)
We go in, and CM’s in closed, and there is no CM. OK, we will call from the park.

We catch the `rail (as Caisley calls it) to the MK!

She is SO excited!! She LOVES THE MONORAIL!

here she is, on Dada’s lap - headin’ to the MK! (I got a new camera!!!)


I need to interrupt here and just say that it was incredibely exciting to take that picture and it turn out.


LOL, I was about to ask if you got a new camera!


I just had to interrupt you and say, on bahalf of all of your friends here at DC, we are also happy that you got a new camera!!! :wub: Carry On…


Caisley had a great time riding the `rail, and actually didn’t shut up ONCE during the whole trip to the MK.

Our goat for the day is to:

  1. Tackle Tomorrowland - we wanna ride as much as possible!
  2. Fantasyland - I’ve never ridden the following rides:
    Pooh’s Whatever Ride
    Snow White’s Scary Adventures

So, I consider them “MUST DO” rides.

Well, I don’t know if any of you have ever heard Cavey’s advice re: Fantasyland - but it has something to do with getting there EARLY. Yeah, that’s not what we did…

But, anyway, a quick fingerscan, and we’re IN! So, off to Tomorrowland, just before the parade starts (which is how it always is for us!)


Erin the pictures of your family is so cool.:cool:


Hooray for the new camera! :laugh:


The crowds are INTENSE.

Don’t these people have a life!??! :mad:

We grab Fastpasses for Mr. Buzz, and head over to use the special fastpasses for Space Mountain (Mikie and Sissy got them when they got lost a few weeks ago)

Mikie hasn’t ridden SM since he was 5, Sissy has never, ever ridden, and so the excitement was VERY thick!

So, I send Matt, Sissy, and Mikie to ride, and Caisley and I hang out in the arcade.

All the sudden, here comes Matt and Sissy! Sissy chickened out! So, Mikie rode by himself!! :wub:

I’m very proud of him!

Here he is, after his first ride!


So, then it was my turn - and I didn’t even hafta use one of our Super Cool Fast Passes, I used a Rider Switch!

This time, Sissy decided she WOULD ride, and so Mikie, Sissy, and I went - and I told her if she chickened out she was on her own! :laugh:

So, she DID IT!

She rode!!!

Does Space Mountain rock, Sissy??

YES IT DOES! :laugh:


So, Matt takes the Super Cool Fast Passes, and tries to ride again - but the RIDE BREAKS DOWN!

The cool thing about it is - Matt got to see SM with the lights on! But, I had the camera! UGH!


Erin - you have goats on the brain! :laugh:


alright Erin…got to go to MK (I am jealous) and to quote you from post #6, we know what you apparently have on the brain at all times:
“Our goat for the day is to” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well, my crew says it’s time to eat, so we head over to the Tommorowland Terrace Noodle Land, or whatever…

It was good…

Mikie, Caisley, and I had Terryaki Chicken, and Sissy and Matt had Chicken Strips.

I liked the open air feel of this place, but the food was just so-so…

The containers they serve it in are VERY cool, though!

Check Sissy out, I think she thinks this picture is LAME! LOL!


ROFL! LOL!!! :c) I can’t believe I did that…




Awee Erin!! I LOVE that your AP holders now!! Keep the TR coming!


OK, after we eat at the Whatever Terrace in Tomorrowland, we head over to redeem our FPs and ride my Favorite Ride in TL - BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

Caisley LOVES this ride!!

HEre she is - she’s got the steering under control!


Matt smoked us all with a score of approximately 18 bazillion points, but that’s ok…

The Evil Emporer Zurg is now in jail, so the residents of Tomorrowland can sleep well tonight…

I found this hoodlum wondering around, and threw him in the jail cell, too…


OMGosh, I am so happy you have AP’s!!! I love your family’s trips, and the pics will only get better now that you have a new camera :smile:


Awwww! Miss Caisley :heart: