Erin drives me NUTS


Okay, I know how we’ve all talked about how awful she is. I mean a down-right perky pain-in-the-neck. It’s a wonder her husband hasn’t drown himself in the Florida Everglades.

But my kids are making me play the Happiest Celebration Vacation planner every day, and so I’m stuck watching her over and over.

Of course, I still like “Bench Guy.”

Oh, you guys didn’t think I was talking about DC Erin, did you? :tongue:

$20 says this thread is moved to CC within 2 hours.


:dry: yes I did


I knew exactly who you were talkin about…you would never treat our Erin that way!


Riiiiiiiiiiight! :wink:


Heehee! I am going to have to watch that video!


I need to watch that video again also.
I can’t remember if she drives me nuts.


Disney is going the “perky” route with their on air talent lately.


She does drive me crazy, but LUKE annoys me way more than she does. I like Dave(the bench guy). Apparently disney does too cause he is on the radio all the time doing disney commercials.


LOL Cavey. We watched that DVD about a hundred times before we left too. We liked the “bench guy” as well. “Nothin’ like a good park bench. Use them. It comes with the price of admission.” :laugh: We liked it when he was eating at all of the Epcot restaraunts. BTW, You think Erin is perky and annoying, wait until you see the “new” girl on resort tv counting down the WDW “must sees”.


ssjaz, MissyH posted a link to that video somewhere, but I can’t find it. We got to watch it. She is annoying.


Yeah, she’s way too perky and annoying. I think she overdoses on caffeine just before the shoot takes place.


LOL :laugh::laugh::laugh: I wouldn’t doubt that!


And by the way, I’m sure that none of us wish we had that job,and that might be one reason they seem so annoying, right?


HAH!!! :c)

You totally had me for a minute!!




So Erin, are you as perky as that Erin?


You were totally laughing when you said that, weren’t you!? LOL!


I’m afraid to say yes, because I see perkiness is generally annoying to everyone, but…

YES! :eek:


no, no Erin, I think I’d be perky too if I were getting paid to play at WDW !!


Heehee! Me too! :tongue:


So, we’ll call it a gift! :tongue: