ESPN Sports Club


I’m going to Disney in late September (aka football season), and I’m a die hard LSU fan. So the day we drive and get there, my boyfriend and I are gonna go watch the LSU football game over at ESPN Sports Club. I’ve never been and I was just wondering what type of experiences people have had there We’re not going for the food, simply the sporty atmosphere and large tv’s :happy:lol


We have been there many times. It is a great place to meet people and enjoy the game. As crowded as it can get, we have always found the people to be freindly.


It is the BEST at WDW to watch a game and even has tv’s in the restrooms.


It’s an ESPN branded sports bar.
I think that pretty much says it all.:phone:*

*I use the phone smiley in place of a thumbs up, which we don’t have.


If you don’t mind arriving early, grabbing a nice table in the bar section, only to have people help themselves to your table while you are trying to watch the game, thereby making you the only people who can’t see the game, despite the fact you arrived on time…then sit in the bar section.

Best advice is to wait for a table in the other section…while you may have to wait awhile…once you are seated, you won’t have to worry about someone helping themselves to your view.

We went years ago…probably not something we’d do again.


We LOVE watching games here and have spent many an evening in late September watching important end of season Red Sox/Yankees games in the bar. It is lively and yes, can be crowded, but is totally fun. I also like the food. It is not great, but good, solid bar fare.


Reminded me of a Buffalo Wild Wings type of atmosphere with really good burgers


There’s one of those in The Crossroads, just outside WDW’s Hotel Row and there’s an outpost of the Miller’s Ale House chain just up the block as well.
Just throwing it out there.


Thanks everyone! Y’all are getting me so pumped to go!