ESPN Weekend- tell me everything!


I am helping a friend book a week at WDW during ESPN time.
Their family LOVES sports…ours- not so much. So, I know nothing at all about what happens, what to see ect…I just try to avoid anything sports at all costs!

Dad is a serious baseball player and they have two boys 11 and 9 who love sports as well.

If you were going to plan the days at HS and World of Sports… what would you do? What is not to miss?


Never been at that time, but they need to book all star sports!


Lookon the site for a full schedule of events. The events and shows fill up quickly, along with long lines for the meet and greets.


Great topic. I have always wanted to go (DW has no interest) so I am curious to know what happens.


Ok- call me crazy… I went to and got lost forever and could not find anything. Anybody have a link? Pretty please? :slight_smile:


My wife and I are running in their 5k fun run.
They do have a 5K for adults and I know they have a run for kids too.

runDisney | Amateur Sports | ESPN Wide World of Sports

We signed up online.



Thanks! I was looking on… not Disney!