Espn weekend


ok, i know that I am planning way ahead of time, but we are going during ESPN weekend to WDW. I know that MGM will be slammed with people, but what about the other parks? Is there a lot of spillover to other places? Luckily my kids are too small to even know what ESPN is, but I just want to get an idea of crowd levels… Thanks!

PS. the restaurant planning this far out was a breeze- if you are familiar with the restaurants…


What is ESPN Weekend and when is it?


The weekend is when many sports commentators, celebrities and others affiliated with ESPN and sports come to Disney MGM studios to meet people, sign autographs, film shows, etc. Really cool event.

To be honest hanwill, the crowds aren’t really that bad whenever they do the weekends. And the crowds that ARE there for ESPN normally don’t spill over into the parks. Not many people even know that it exist, like Mickey Maniac, so don’t worry about crowds.

And if I can speak a personal note that’s general and for everybody: Guys, no matter when you come, there will ALMOST ALWAYS BE A CROWD OF PEOPLE. I definitely don’t ever want to discourage anyone from coming to this wonderful place, but I also want the truth out there. We’re talking about the number vacation spot IN THE WORLD here. The world has billions of people in it. When some are in school, work, etc. many more are on vacation. I know people hate having to wait in lines, be elbow to elbow, but please understand there will always be people, and every year more and more guests are coming to the parks to get the fun, excitement, and magic that only Disney can bring. Just bear with it, accept it, and make the best of it. No matter what, your patience will pay off in the end, and EVERYBODY will get a piece of that magic.


I agree with what you said about the crowds. Part of what makes WDW special are the people. I was there in 2003 in September when every ride was a walk-on. It was nice to walk on every ride because we had very small children. However, people in the park add excitement (at shows, at parade and fireworks time). Without those extra people, it felt like I was at a small party. Those crowds provide some of the excitement.
I also thought a little bit about the lack of crowds. I was a little worried. It was too erie to see the happiest place on earth with no-one there. I like the crowds, but I always try to plan for them and get my dh ready for what the crowd level will be! Thanks for the advice!


we are going in March 2006 when is ESPN weekend my husband and son-in-law would love to be around all the sporty stuff?