ESPN Wide World of Sports


My 10 year old son has been begging to go to WWoS the past couple of trips, but we have never gone. We promised we would go this next trip in August. What exactly is this place? Do we need a whole day to see it?


No one has an answer?? I am shocked:ohmy::laugh:


The WWoS is awesome. I used to play in the spring training for softball. The Braves do their spring training there also. There is also an ESPN zone there. Honestly if there are no games or you don’t have tickets, or you’re not playing there really isn’t anything to do. If you are going in March there is softball, baseball, cheering, feild hockey, etc. going all the time, till the park closes. I hope that helps.


I’ve never made it there also. We like going exploring, so its always on my list to see, but we never see any transportation to it. So, have never made it there.


DBF took his son there for a bit one time when down there with me and my DD. It was a few hours of whatever fun. No way was an entire day needed.