What is up with E.T. these days? On my trip to US last year it was closed… I don’t know if it was temporary… but are they planning on putting something new in?

I’ve never watched the whole movie, but I’ve seen parts of it… so I get the concept of it, but I think it was a cute attraction. Especially with the names… :ninja:


It was up and running when we were there in December. It is a cute family ride. I did not notice anything different this past trip from our first trip that we took in 2002.


I hear he phoned home.



:laugh: :laugh:

Jess - Drop everything you’re doing, and go watch the whole movie! Seriously! NOW! I’m convinced this movie has something to do with my love of Reese’s Pieces…:laugh:


I’m not sure about the Orlando US, but at the Hollywood US, they closed E.T. to make room for The Mummy ride. I haven’t been to US Orlando since 2001, but maybe it was closed for the same reason…

I thought it was a cute ride though, I was actually sad to hear it was closing.


I read a US board faithfully, and I haven’t heard this at all. It was up and running last August. We LOVED this ride. I think it is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. I am not a thrill ride person. I think I did this ride 3 times last trip. DD and I even made up fake names the last ride. DD thought that was so funny.


I love the ET ride. It is so cool. I actually don’t like the movie, never been able to sit through the whole thing. But that ride in California’s US was so much fun. I think they had one of the best themed queues ever (20 some years ago)


I knew they closed the one in CA. we were pretty sad about it because we really loved it. I didn’t even know they had it at the Florida one, this may make me go there!


Cavey, didn’t Scotty beam him up?


No, he was nabbed by a couple of Ferengi’s who thought he was worth $$$.


I love the Ferengi. Always out to make a buck.


In Orlando they killed Kong to make way for the Mummy. ET is on the other side of the park across from the (currently) Animal Planet animal show. In 2002 they had Spielberg in to rededicate the ride for the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release and the addition of a new preshow film. I haven’t been to Universal in a year, but I can’t imagine they’d be permanently closing ET. But I’ll look around a little and see what I hear and report back.


I’ve never even seen a bit of the movie. But i still understood the ride. When I went last year, it was open, and it was like my moms favorite ride. It’s very cute, and younger kids love it. Before you get on the ride, you get asked your name. It’s fun if you make something up, like random letters, cjdkhfkjdshljkf. Then at the end of the ride, just as you are about to get out of the car, E.T. says goodbye to you. It’s very cool, and kinda funny too.


How can you NOT NOT NOT see this movie??

I demand that all of you youngin’s go watch the movie. Drew Barrymore is a kid is adorable, and the movie is just too darn cute!


We went on ET late December! We love this ride, and the film is so good i made my girls watch it as soon as they were old enough.


I went on ET one week ago, so it’s definitely open right now. I loved the ride. It’s very cute!


Drew Barrymore as an adult is adorable!!! :smile:


I cheat when I ride. I let the other people pedal. :biggrin: And ET still thanks ME personally…


I’m so embarrassed that I know what you two are talking about :pinch: :redface:


Only 34 more days until I hep ET save his planet (sorry - I had to say it).