Ethical Poll--What would you do?


Hypothetical question ( :wink: ): Your trip is booked. You’re ready to go. Then you get word that a very important meeting (not life-threatening, but pretty high-profile) has been scheduled at work during the period of time you’re gone. Would you call in for the meeting or throw caution to the wind?


That would be up to you, but I would be looking for replacements. :eek:


:slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I’ll call in. I’m really sorry I’m going to miss the meeting, actually. I think it’s going to be a good one.

I just wondered if DCers were generally the “workaholic” type or the “to heck with it–I’m on vacation” type.


I always pick the vacation, since I only go once a year for vacation. I always need that break, and NEVER cancel a WDW vacation :biggrin:


I hear you. As you can see, I’m not quite as disciplined! :slight_smile: I need that break more than most, I guess. The past couple of trips have been weekends, though, at least!


So, throw all your worries out the window, and get in that plane to WDW and enjoy your vacation!!


I don’t know! Thinking back to my work days, I would of hated to miss the meeting!

I guess it depends on how concrete your vacation plans are!


Interestingly, even though we’re only going for a weekend, that time slot isn’t planned that solidly. We’re spending the day at the Animal Kingdom, then have a PS at Le Cellier that night. The meeting would fall pretty nicely between the two, so I don’t think there’d be too much problem… . Then again, if the meeting coincides with a fastpass for either Everest or Soarin’, I might have to send my apologies! :wink:


I would call in.
My job is what affords me to get to Disney, so I’d just have to call in.


I would call in for the meeting. Vacation is vacation, but you have to go back to work eventually and I don’t think it would look good to miss something that important. What can it take…an hour or so? I would call in, but that’s me and I’m a workaholic and call in even when there isn’t a meeting…lol


I guess it depended on what position I held at work. If I was usually an important part of work meetings and people depended on me to participate heavily in them, then yeah, I’d probably call in. If I was just an atendee among many others who just sits with the crowd and isn’t depended on too heavily to participate I wouldn’t.

To me, family and personal time comes first. If it was just my husband and I on vacation and the time of the meeting happened to coincide with “down time” I would call. Although, if in ANY way it affected a meal together, made me miss out on an attraction, or interfered with some sort of engagement during my vacation I would not call & get the lowdown when I got home.


Call it in! They will apprecaite your sacrifice and you won’t have stress!


I would call in. Buzz is right - work is what pays for vacation. I always try to ignore work when I’m on vacation, but if it were an important meeting, I would call in for it.


Dream World: I want to tell you to say the heck with it… I’ll catch up when I get back…

REALITY: Call in… it will ensure that you are at least up to speed with the important stuff when you return…

WHAT WOULD I DO: I would call in… I have been known to be on a 3 hour call on my vacation… bummer, but like others have said it’s the job that gets me back to Disney!


I’ve faced this question a number of times and usually call in if it is relatively short because (1) I score some brownie points, (2) people end up not minding if a take a little more vacation, leave a little early, etc., and (3) it no longer counts as a vacation day, leaving me more time later. But admittedly some of my colleagues have been very kind and once I mention I will be on vacation insist that I stay out; sometimes just the mere mention that I will be on vacation is enough to excuse me from the meeting and get brownie points.


I’ve been through that before and I called in. I made sure they understood I was on vacation so let’s be focused and get to the point, no unnecessary chit chat. I still have a REAL bad habit of checking my work voicemail while I’m on vacation.

Our last WDW trip I was standing in line at MK and made the mistake of answering my cell phone. They (work) had me stressed on vacation about something that never even took place when I got back!


The worst thing is when someone calls you for something trivial! I got a call last time while I was at MK (stupidly answered the phone) with someone asking me really basic questions while the morning fireworks are going on. I told this person that I was at MK in the morning, with my kids, going to Buzz Lightyear, but no taking the hint. Finally just told him I had to go (luckily it was someone I supervise rather than someone more senior to me). So frustrating and it certainly did not reflect well on him. A clue to anyone who calls someone on vacation – make sure it is something important!! :tongue:


Amen! I hate it when they call me while I’m on vacation and its even worse when it’s something trivial.


I’m a work-a-holic. I am neurotic about work and missing a beat. Worst case have agendas directly requirinjg your input to the forefront of the meeting and call in from the pool. Make sure there is plenty of vacationing background noise to apply both guilt and envy.


As a teacher I don’t fully understand this question but I value my job so I would do what I needed to do so I would call in.