Euro Disney Resort Information Required!


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I’m off to EuroDisney in 63 days, hang on that sounds ages, lets try 9 Weeks, that’s better, it just sounds sooner some how, anyway what i want to know is has anyone stopped at the Sequoia Lodge @ EuroDisney and if so, can they tell me what its like? Would also like some info on places to eat? Any help will be much appreciated!



Well it hasn’t been called Euro Disney for about 10 years now, but like you, I still refer to it as Euro Disney sometimes. Disneyland Resort Paris somehow doesn’t roll so easily off the tongue

I’ve stayed at the Sequoia Lodge a few times. It’s very nice and only a five minute walk to the park gates. It has a nice pool if you want a break in the middle of the day (and you might in July when the park is open until 11pm)

As for places to eat, the hotel has its own restaurant, which is ok, but last time I was there the menu was a bit limited. Do you want to know where to eat in the parks? Are you interested in restaurants or just where to eat ‘on the hoof’ as it were.

Is this your first visit, and are you visiting with children? We first went back in 1994 when the kids were small, but even now they still love to go.



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Hello Towncar T good to see you!- You’re the man for DLP that’s for sure!! I was just about to put your name forward :slight_smile:


Guys I’m always to be found hanging out in the DLRP forum. Why I virtually planned Mickey McFizzle’s Paris/DRLP trip.:laugh: I only hope she’s enjoying it!!!:blush:

Currently busy planning my niece’s upcoming move to Kansas. She’s just won an athletic scholarship to a US College to play football (soccer to you!)

Florida trip planned for July.


That is neat.

Which College in Kansas?


It’s Barton CC in a place called Great Bend (population 45 and two dogs). It’s a two-year college and the hope is that she’ll get picked up by a bigger, four-year college to complete her bachelor’s degree. She’s a special talent, and was one of only three girls in the whole UK to be picked. I’ve just had a concentrated lesson in the workings of the US education system, as it’s completely different to ours. Miss Disney has been a great help too, as usual! UCLA this isn’t, but it’s a great opportunity for her and the people at Barton seem as though they really care about their students.

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Hi Tom Tom…I don’t know much about EuroDisney but MickeyMcFizzle is there right now…you might want to PM her and ask her to take a look at this thread when she gets back.

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I hope she gets picked up by one of the 4 years (UNL Go Big Red :mickey: ). Good for her getting a scholarship!


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Just a bit more info Regarding our trip:-

Adults 4:- Myself,My Fiancee, My Parents (or Child Relief Agents, as i like to call them!)
Kids 2:- Princess 1 (Megan 8) & Princess 2 (Sophie 4)

Never been to DLP before but have made Seven trips to WDWFL so far…

Woud really appreciate if you could provide us with a list of good eating places in the Park, and the Hotels! Is it like WDW Resort Orlando, whereby you can eat in any of the Resort Restaurants with your ‘Key To The World’:confused:

We are travelling on the Eurostar and are taking advantage of the Luggage Service provided by our Resort, Whereby we can go straight into the park when we arrive just before lunchtime, and our luggage magically appears in our rooms for when we check in, in the evening. Has Anyone ever used this service,:confused: sounds to me like a lot of things could go wrong, but it’s worth a try i think to maximise PLAYTIME!!!:laugh:

Any good shows to watch, ie Adult Time, Live Music e.t.c (No Kids):confused:

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OK, so you got the password right. Even a Scouser like me knows the words to Ilkley Moor Bar T’at:smile: (You Yanks can just scratch your heads at this point! LOL!)

Strangely, although I have been to Euro Disney/Disneyland Paris/Disneyland Resort Paris countless times (17/18 is my best guess) I’ve never arrived by Eurostar.

However, you’ll find it really easy. Just come out of the station and there it is. Simple as that. Never used the luggage service thingy, but my guess is they’ll get it right, so don’t worry.

Places to eat. I don’t know how the ‘Key to the World’ works (or even what it is) but my tips would be as follows:

For breakfast the hotel is good, and I seem to remember that the characters usually make an appearance at some stage. There are other breakfast places where you can book a character breakfast, but we’ve never bothered. You get to see the characters all day in the parks anyway.

For burgers and stuff in the park (main park) there’s Hyperion Cafe near to Space Mountain. Good for a quick bite in the middle of the day. Another good place is the restaurant next to the Pinnochio ride (can’t recall the name although we’ve eaten there a zillion times). Again this is a counter service place for a fast bite.

There are a couple of nice restaurants in the main park. One is the Blue Lagoon near to Pirates of the Caribbean and another is (I think) the Walt Disney restaurant right in the middle opposite the castle. These are proper table-service restaurants and the kids might not like them. Nice for a meal for just the adults though, if the babysitters are available. Might take up valuable park time though. You can see the Blue Lagoon restaurant from the boat on the POTC ride.

I’ve only been to WDW once, but DLRP is a whole different experience. It’s MUCH smaller for a start. We love it though. Avoid the temptation to compare DLRP to WDW and accept it for what it is. Some of the rides are better (like Space Mountain and Phantom Manor) because they’re newer at DLRP.

Disney Village is the equivalent (on a much smaller scale) of Downtown Disney. A good place to eat with children is Billy Bob’s. That’s a service restaurant, but it has a good range of food and it’s themed like a wild west saloon sort of place. It does chicken and stuff like that. Won’t break the bank either.

There is a nightclub in Disney Village called Hurricanes. I’ve never been, but you might want to take a look. When you are there it will be busy season (not too packed though) and there is usually some sort of entertainment on the stage in Disney Village (a band or something musical). DV is between the parks and your hotel and only about a four minute walk from Sequoia Lodge.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is the best show in town. It’s a dinner show (menu is ok for kids too) and is on twice nightly. It’s a bit pricey though, so check it out before you go. You might be loaded, and money’s no object for all I know!

I hope that’s a useful start. Mickey McFizzle is there as we speak and she’ll no doubt fill in some blanks as will some others that have been there.

I’m more than happy to give you some more info on anything I can help with. I often get to Rotheram (well just outside near Swinton) as my mother has a friend who lives there. I wish there was a better way to get there than that Woodhead Pass. Nightmare!!:eek:


Many Thanks to Towncar T, will look forward to hearing more from you regarding my upcoming trip! I’m a “Wathonian”, just next door to Swinton, what are the chances!!!

When does Mickey Mcfizzle return from the world?

Thanks again Tom, will think of some more stuff to ask later!


She’s not at the world. She’s in Disneyland Resort Paris! I think she’s back at the end of this week.

BTW Buffalo Bill’s show is in Disney Village, not the main park. You could do the show and then go back into the park for the fireworks, which are on every night at the time you are there - I think. Check it out on Disneyland® Resort Paris


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