Even 2 year olds get PDD


We got back from WDW last week. My 2 year old DS is just waking up from his nap. He’s playing in his crib with his Woody Doll. He is laying on his back with Woody “riding” his knees. He made Woody say, “I love the Pooh Ride.” DS said, “I love the Pooh ride too, Woody! Let’s ride It’s a Small World now.” He then began singing that “Small World” song! TOO CUTE! He had a great time, and I now know he still wants to be there.

BTW, I’m working on a VERY detailed trip report off-line. I’ll start posting soon…


Awe, that is too cute! Oh and you should really take him back. heehee!


Aww, so cute. :wub:


The coolest part about having kids is being able to brainwash…uh…I mean teach them to love Disney as much as we do… :biggrin:

Great story…


Ain’t that the truth!