Even more officially official-


Our paperwork is signed, notorized,photocopied liscenced, sealed and off via FedEx!

Oh Yeah- I am dancing (when Im supposed to be taking a nap because Im sick and have a fever now…Ed’s orders)

But Im dancing anyhow!!!:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :cheshire: :cheshire: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :cheshire: :cheshire: :mickey:


Congratulations and welcome home!


cha cha cha…ole’

Congratulations :smile:


Congrats to you!!

Hope you feel better, too. :flowers:


Congrats…and YES I am jealous.

The Angoffs


aww- thanks. Its just a chest cold but I have asthma so its not been fun… The baby woke with it from his nap so I am not napping anymore, Im snuggling a 2 year old- life could be much worse!:wub: :wub:


Congratulations to you!


YAY!!! Even though you are sick, I am sure you are SO HAPPY right now!!! Get well soon!


:mickey: Congratulations :mickey:


Who can take a nap with so much excitement? Congratulations and hope you feel better real soon.


Congratulations!! It’s it great to know your vacations are paid for for the next 40 or so years??


woohoo! who cares about a fever when you’ve got Disney trips to plan!!! Congrats woohoo! I know it’s an exciting step!


CONGRATS!! YAY! I can’t wait until you get that exciting package in the mail!


Who would have time to be sick when they just became an officially, official DVC owner? Be sick tomorrow…




That is sooo exciting. I am happy for you and your family!