Evening extra magic hour


Does anyone know if they have another parade and/or fireworks during the evening extra hours?


Usually, if it’s in a slower season, there is only one showing of fireworks/parade. In the busy season, they sometimes do wishes around 8 or 9, then spectro, then wishes again after.

Check out the official calendar. Each day gives the exact time of the fireworks and parades:
Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom Park Monthly Hours


No parades or fireworks. Just the extended hours, and not even all attractions are open.


The EMH are pretty much there for you to get a go on a few of the more popular rides and a browse thorugh the odd shops that are still open, theres generally none or few characters and no parades or fireworks


When we did MK evening EMH, there was a ton of characters stationed all around the hub in front of the castle. I don’t remember everyone, but there was some pretty cool ones, like Terk from Tarzan, and a few others, in addition to the major players like Mickey, Minnie, etc…


Thanks everyone! I was just making sure for the timing of our dinner ressies!


I agree - I didn’t feel that EMH at MK were really different from any other time. I think Toon Town Fair did close a little early. We met a lot of characters as well. We have been there on nights when we have seen fireworks twice - I guess it was during EMH but I can’t remember.


same here … there were charactors and 2 fireworks shows at MK… also at Epcot and MGM


BTW, in the off season, we didn’t even bother doing evening EMH, as it was more crowded than regular hours. (Morning EMH is always a good thing.)