Evening Extra Magic hours now 2 hours


Noe that disney is trimming the EMH, will that really effect the resort stays? I’m guessing not too much. Some schedules have the Magic Kingdom open an hour later to all guests, and still closing EMH at the regular time. Maybe WDW wants those non-resort guests eating and shopping for another hour.


I didn’t realize that they have changed the EMH…I see them listed every day while we are going next…I thought the EMH was always based on attendance figures…and reservations at the resorts at the time. We have been many times when the hours for the parks have changed by the time we got there due to attendance.


To my understanding the standard policy has always been 1 hour earlier in the morning and “up to” 3 hours later in the evening on select days (minus the 2-3 months they cancelled it altogether about 10yrs ago).


When is your trip? I glanced through the park hours for the next few weeks and didn’t see two hour EMH for evenings. Sometimes Disney extends park hours due to crowds but typically that just moves EMH back but doesn’t shorten them. When I first started looking at park hours for our trip MK closed at 10 most nights and EMH was from 10-1 but last week park hours were extended and now EMHs are from 11-2. Maybe EMH didn’t get changes on the site but will be pushed back.


I read the change begins in 2013.


I read the same thing. That the changes start in January 2013. I think the hours were just released for January as well.


Oh, I hadn’t read that. That’s too bad, we did our first real evening EMH at MK last summer summer and had a blast. However, by 1 am the park was pretty empty so I guess Disney is looking at how much it costs vs the number of guests taking advantage of it. Too bad, I hate to see any perk go away.

Now I’m even more excited to do another EMH at MK next week since the park may not be open until 2 am next time we go.


I’m more concerned when the parks are open until 8, so that means the park is open until 10. What does one do then? Not everyone is old like us and go to sleep at dusk.


When we first started going, before the EMH days, there were many times we were there when the MK closed at 7, Epcot at 8 and MGM at 7. I can’t remember what we did with our evening time back then. As I recall MK was 9 most weekends in off season but MGM rarely went past 7. We probably went over to DTD or whatever it was called then…:happy:

My DD was a night owl and even her first visit at 3 was up all day long without nap—and fine until late late. We must have done something in the evenings with her!!


The adjustment to the evening EMH starts on January first. I don’t think they need to be opened three hours after park closing when the parks are open until 11pm, but can see the need for shorter park hours times of the year. I don’t think it’s to keep the non resort guests buying their food or shopping another hour. They can do that now. I have been to the EMH and by the second hour, most people are gone. Perhaps they are looking at the cost effectiveness of empty park being kept open for a handful of people. I am certain that if there was profit in keeping that extra hour on there, they would be.:laugh: At the end of the day, it’s a business.


Yep—I don’t think we need for them to go up on prices just to hold the park open 3 extra hours on a late night anyway. It doesn’t make sense to have them open for just a handful of people.


Being the “Rope Drop Park Commando” that I am, we only tried evening EMH once. We discovered that during off-season, EMH just drives the crowds into one park. MK had been slow all day, but by 9pm, the place was packed and lines were long. But I can see the benefit during the busy season.


I am a bit bummed because we are thinking of another big family trip in 2014 and we will have a bunch of teens with us who would have loved 3:00 am at the MK! :laugh:


We’re rope droppers more than night owls. We’ve tried pm emh a few times for a couple of hours but left since the lines stayed longer than earlier in the day.


My dh and boys will be VERY disappointed. Late at night, after I’m all tucked in, off they go to the EMH park, usually leaving for the park just as it’s closing for all other guests, giving them 3 hours of fun. It’s still busy the first hour of EMH, but then the crowds drop quickly (which I guess some justification for cutting an hour) and they have a blast at 1 or 2 in the morning.