Evening time ideas?


Hi All!

Never been to Disney-CA and will have some free time in evenings due to work travel. Are there discounted tickets for evening hours (ie. after 6pm…I may actually be able to get to a park by 4pm on 1st day)? Any must do’s with such short time, especially if it agree to spend $75 for a 1 day ticket? Is there a cheaper way to just get in the park, ha? Oh, this World of Color thing looks amazing. I guess you can only see that via CA ticket, huh?

Sure wish I had more time, bummer. Looking fwd to any ideas whatsoever.


Well, if you want some Disney magic without going into the parks, Downtown Disney is completely free.

As for World of Color, it looks like the best way to see it is either with a dinner package or a FP. If you aren’t going to get to the parks until the evening, then you probably won’t get there in time to get a FP. It sounds like they’re going quickly. But the picnic option is affordable. But that would be like $85 for World of Color right there.


There used to be some sort of evening ticket available because DH got one. He couldn’t enter the parks before 4pm, but it was good until closing. I can’t imagine that they would discontinue it with so many business travelers. His company did give it to them though, so it might be through a corporate deal. I would definantly call and check!


Well, after Disney didn’t reply to my email in over a week, I finally called. They do NOT offer any evening discounts, etc.

Thx for the replies! Looks like we’ll just go get dinner House of Blues.

Oh, by the way…I saw an AMC Theater pop up on google for Downtown Disney, but it doesn’t seem to appear on AMC’s website. Did it close or something?


I just came back from a conference at DW and we could get after 4 tickets because the conference was hosted by Disney. We had a special website and had to go through group sales. They seemed to be the only ones to know about those special offers.


Group sales does offer after 4 tix for large froups. Our last Orlando Coldwell Banker Real Estate convention in 2008 had this option for both WDW, Univ. or SeaWorld.

AMC is still open as of last week per DD.


Thx for the replies and confirming the movie theater. Wonder why I can’t find it on amc’s website, strange. Anyway, looks like I’ll have to crash the convention center first and become part of a group! :mickey: