Ever get nervous about trying a new restaurant?


The closer my trip gets, the more nervous I’m getting about some of the new restaurants we’ve originally picked.

I’ve already swapped Rose and Crown for Tutto Italia and I just got off the phone with disney dining and switched our ADR at Biergarten to Cape May Clam Bake at the Beach Club.

The buffet looked wonderful!! And the CM told us we should have no problem getting back and forth to Beach Club from Epcot.

While I really wanted to try Biergarten I had a hard time looking at the buffet list and finding things I and my sister would eat.


I switch all the time…not just restaurants but seating times.

Last year, I was nervous about Coral Reef but I had a great experience and plan to go back. A few years ago, we tried Tony’s in MK. I was nervous but we went and enjoyed ourselves. Last year, we had an ADR at a family fave (Akershus for dinner) and we had a less than great experience.

So you never know what new restaurant you might like and sometimes your old faves can disappoint!


It is not even a 5 minute walk from the Epcot Gateway (between England and France) and the Beach Club. No worries.

I wouldn’t fret about the meals either. We’ve never had a bad meal - some better than others - but never bad. Half the fun is trying something new. :laugh:


You guys know yourself best. Everyone has different tastes. If the Cape May Buffet seems better to you, then that’s what you should do. We’ve done both, and while we enjoyed Cape May we LOVE Biergarten. But you might be completely opposite. We’re trying Tutto Italia too, and I’m a bit nervous about it. My dh does not like to waste money on restaurants he’s doesn’t enjoy. So I hope he enjoys it.:laugh:


Oh my gosh, this is so me! You know what it is?? We spend SO much time planning ours trips & you know you only get a certain amount of nights to squeeze the BEST dinners you possibly can in there. It’s the pressure of “oh my goodness, there are a million restaurants that I love… am I SURE these are the best of the best?” I ALWAYS have this paranoia!

Here’s the funny thing though, when I take risks & try something new about 80% of the time I fall in love, or at least have a great meal! For instance, I was TOTALLY a little hesitant about trying 1900 Park Fare again ‘cause people were just saying the food had been stinkin’ lately… LOVED IT!!! Tried Beaches & Cream for the first time last year, thought it would possibly feel like we were just ‘eating junk’… nope, LOVED IT!!! Never went to Kona for dinner before… LOVED IT!!!

I say just go for it. I mean HONESTLY, in the long run how bad could it POSSIBLY be? And you might just come out of it with a new favorite!


Yes. I get nervous about every new place I try. I like knowing it will be a good meal and what to expect so I usually stick to the same ol same ol when it comes to WDW restaurants. I try to pick a few new ones here and there, but most of the time chicken out and go back to the comfort of ones I know are good. I don’t blame you with biergarten. While I loved the atsmosphere and company I had at my meal, there wasn’t that much there to eat for me. I think you made a wise choice in switching.


There really isn’t anything to be nervous about: all Disney restaurants are good. We just all have our preferences.

And as for Biergarten? I didn’t go there for years because of what the menu listed. It all sounded just yucky to me. When I finally did try it I was peasantly surprised! Even my DH and DS, who are very picky eaters, found many foods there they really, really liked!
We’ve been there several times now.


I always worry about trying new places but I don’t don’t want all our trips to be the same so we try to always add a new one every trip.


Yes! I always get antsy…esp when I am on the dining plan because I hate feeling like I “wasted” one of my credits…on the other hand I guess that’s the good part about the dining plan.
But usually about 90% of the time if the comments on here are good and the menu looks good then it will be good. Disney rarely dissapoints.


I always get nervous…thus why I backed out of several meals on my last trip. :dry: That is NOT going to happen next time! I get so excited reading everyone’s reviews of Disney restaurants, I’m not going to let my apprehension get the best of me anymore…I need to try some of these places myself!


ok, so it’s good to know i’m not the only one…

last year we tryed and loved Whispering Canyon Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, Coral Reef and LeCellier. But even before we left, I knew that there would be many menu items that the whole family like at these places.

We are trying some new places this trip, CMCB for one and we’re finally trying 50’s Primetime. We’re also trying Tutto Italia. While I tried Spoodles and Ohana breakfast on girls trip, they are also firsts for the rest of the gang.

Part of the pressure is that this is my sister’s first trip since she was 3 years old so basically she’s a first timer. I really want this to be a magical trip for her. She’s a SUPER pickey eater ~ way worse than me!!! I think Cape May will be a better bet for fit for all of us.


i was nervous that the places i was looking forward to most would disappoint me. luckily, it didn’t happen - i was happy at all of the places (some more than others, of course)! It’ll be wonderful!!


They are both good places. We enjoy Cape May buffet.


Yes…I am always nervous about trying something new. Especially, when you have other people that you are planning for also. Sometimes it is so hard to please everyone. Then if you pick out something that wasn’t so great you just feel terrible. But you really can’t go wrong at WDW so many great choices. Good luck to you!


I wouldn’t get nervous. Excited, maybe. Possibly my only concerns would be that it would be one meal that I wasn’t eating somewhere I know I love. My parents ate at the Bier Garden on their last trip and they loved it. I’m really looking forward to trying it on my next trip. Le Cellier, Ohana’s, Kona Cafe…yummy. I’m actually a fan of the chicken caesar salad at the resorts.


I pushed for years to get Spoodles on our list of ADR’s, but none of my guys were interested. I finally insisted last year and I was not looking forward to having to defend my choice if they didn’t enjoy it…

Well they all questioned whether we would ever go back, not because they didn’t like it…

… but because they enjoyed everything so much that they couldn’t move when they were done. We went straight back to the room and flaked out for the night… kinda that Post Thanksgiving dinner feeling. I love it when I’m right:laugh: