Ever seen Free Dining DDP in May?


Anybody ever seen Free Dining Plan offered in May?

Our oldest is 6 and her kindergarten class will be finished with school after the first week and a half in May, a couple of weeks earier than most schools I believe. Since school wasn’t an issue in the past, we have gone in November and been lucky to have the free dining plan. We don’t want to taker her out of school so we we were planning starting our trip on May 12. Although, since air prices have doubled, and WDW prices have increased, I’m not sure if we will make it without the free DDP. Our last trip was Nov 2010, and we flew from Memphis for around $230 each. Now the same flight is around $440 each!! ouch! :nonono2:


Can you drive from Memphis? I know it would take a long time, but even at $4.00 a gallon, it might be cheaper than flying. I have not seen free dining in May, but you never know.


Have you considered using a room discount and paying cash for the DDP? Another option is to rent points from a DVC member and use the money you save to pay for the dining plan. Quite often, you are paying full rack rate for the privilege of “free” dining. If you run the numbers you may be pleasantly surprised at your other options.


Driving and renting points from a DVC owner would be my suggestions. Plan on about $10 a point, and you should be able to find points charts on various DVC web sites I would imagine.

Also, when we want to make it a less expensive trip, we always pack breakfast food, peanut butter & jelly, bread, chips and fruit and have breakfast and lunch in the room (the kids always like taking a swim break around lunch time anyways, so we are at the resort at that time). Then counter service for dinner. Makes it inexpensive, and then you don’t have to stress out about where to eat and the lines.


I have only seen room or package price discounts for that time frame, but dont’ recall ever seeing free DDP unless it was with a magical PIN offer than came at random.


I have considered driving. The catch there is that my “in-laws” are going as well. We do have a mini-van, but to put 4 adults, two kids, enough luggage for all of us for a week, plus a stroller would require either some very creative roof stacking of the luggage, or two vehicles. Also, the “in-laws” are insisting we take two days to drive down and two days to drive back, which would cut a day and a half off the front end and a day and a half off the back end of the trip. I would much rather drive the 13 hours in one day and split it up between drivers, which would only cut out the half day you get when the plane lands at 11am.

I looked at renting one of the large full size vans from the car rental companies and it would be over $1200, without unlimited mileage. Rental, plus mileage, plus fuel would cost a couple hundred less than flying.


Well, I guess fortune does favor the prepared mind. We made our ADRs for the week we wanted as soon as it was possible. My mother-in-law’s “husfriend” (they have been together forever but will not get married) received a free dining pin covering the time we wanted to go!! How fortunate is that!!! The Disney travel reps told me you can book three seperate rooms on seperate reservations under one pin, as long as you are staying for the same dates at the same location!

Both myself and my mother-in-law have disneyworld accounts also, but we did not receive a pin.

We also got the notification for the free dining for Visa members in August.