Ever stayed in Building #5 at the GF?


We have never stayed anywhere other than the Poly so staying at the GF in December seems extremely foreign to me (while I know it’s a beautiful hotel). Anyway, we always have Garden View at the Poly and request a longhouse w/a view of the monorail. It’s never been an issue. I called the GF last night and they said that there are some rooms in Building #5 that face the monorail. Anyone ever stayed in #5?? Pros, cons?? I’d love your input.


There are some really great rooms at #5. If you want a monorail view, you shouldn’t have any problem. If you are lucky, you can get both the monorail and MK view. The west side view is monorail only, but, the northern view gives you both. I personally liked the #8 building with the water view. I could see MK and across the lake to the Contemporary.


Oh I wish!- oh well maybe someday :slight_smile:


I’ve stayed at building 5 or Sago Cay, although we had a view towards the gardens/pool. In fact if we stood out on our baloney we could see Wishes. I’m not sure what rooms would really give you a great look at the monorails, maybe on the other side of the building??? The pluses were that it was a quick walk to the CS, which was great for my sister who loved their slushies and to a side entrance to get to the main building. It was a little walk, although not bad, to the main pool, and furthest from the zero entry pool, and a little bit of a walk to the boat. In fact we didn’t use the boat at all that trip.