Ever Tried These Restaurants?


Alright kiddos… so I’m proud to announce we are considering at Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas trip to WDW this year! Considering my father was just in and out of the hospital for the last month, we don’t wanna take him in our usually August time frame, so we just weren’t gonna go… :closedeye

BUTTTT, my dad was mentioning today how he’d really like to go for one of those holidays this year, so mom said… “if it’s what your father wants we’ll try and make it happen!” So as long as we get things in order thats the deal! :happy:

Now that I’m off that tangent!.. :laugh: We want to try some restaurants we’ve never been to before on this trip. BUT, I’d like any of your opinions that you may have. :blush: We usually don’t go to resort restaurants because we don’t like to leave the parks really… but this year, we might do so! Considering we might take it a little easier this time around!

Please also, if you have any opinions on whether it’s a good place for a party of 12 or not. Sometimes restaurants just aren’t ideal for a group that big… :cough: CORAL REEF! :cough: :whistling:whistling:whistling
And if anyone as opinions on whats kids will think of it?

Just a note… we’ll be in the DDP! :wub:

Thank you everyone!!


*Cape May Cafe ( I ate here with my friends family, but dont really remember it…)
*Mickey’s Backyard BBQ @ Fort Wild.
*Shutters @ Caribbean Beach
*Ohana (we usually do the spirit of Aloha…)
*Kona (ditto, above!)
*Olivia’s @ Old Key West
*Boatwright’s @ POR
*Cap’n Jacks Restaurant @ DTD


*Cape May Cafe ( I ate here with my friends family, but dont really remember it…)
Breakfast is better than dinner, plus dinner has no characters

*Mickey’s Backyard BBQ @ Fort Wild.

*Shutters @ Caribbean Beach

*Ohana (we usually do the spirit of Aloha…)
Much better with a large group of friends. Not one of my favorites.
Personally, I find the menu a little limited and don’t like the non choice of dessert.

*Kona (ditto, above!)
Excellent choice for any meal

*Olivia’s @ Old Key West

*Boatwright’s @ POR
Had breakfast there 3 years ago and enjoyed it. They no longer offer breakfast and we haven’t tried dinner

*Cap’n Jacks Restaurant @ DTD


I have only done Ohanna on your list. I had tonga toast from kona but it was take-out, so that doesn’t count. Halloween is my all time favorite time to go to WDW…hope you get to go!


Out of the restaurants on your list, I’ve done Cape May Cafe for breakfast (several times) and O’hana (once). We are trying Boatwrights on our upcoming trip, so I can tell you how I like it in 4 weeks!:laugh:

Cape May Cafe’s breakfast is a buffet. We think the food is really good-we’ve never been disappointed . The character interaction is the best at Cape May Cafe than any other character meal in my opinion.

O’hana’s is very popular here, and the food was good, but it is not my favorite. I guess that’s why we’ve only done it once. We went for breakfast.

We did both of these meals when we went as a Grand Gathering with 13 people in our party. I can see how seating that many people at Cape May Cafe might be tricky, but we all sat together with no problem. We did have a fairly early ADR, though. Note that 5 of our 13 were children. Their ages at the time were 7, 5, 5, 3 and 2. I think they loved the characters there the best–especially Goofy. :happy: Our GG party was the same for O’hana’s, and we were able to sit together without any problem, and the kids liked it too. It just isn’t a favorite of mine.

I hope that helps you a little bit.:happy: Happy planning!


The only one on your list that we’ve eaten at is Olivia’s and we will not be eating there again! We’ve eaten there twice due to convenience since we were staying at okw. The service both times was the worst we’ve ever had at a Disney restaurant and the food wasn’t anything to write home about. Definitely don’t waste your time traveling over there.


LOVE Ohana’s, Cape May Buffet was okay for breakfast and dinner, but we prefer Chef Mickey’s breakfast. Haven’t done the Mickey’s BBQ because it is outside and we always go when it is HOT! Unless there are alot of kids in your party I would do HDDR instead of that one.


Ohana and Kona are both great. I love the bread pudding at Ohana. I haven’t been to any of the others.


Boatwrights and Shutters are very similar I think-- Shutters is more ‘caribbean’ themed where as Boatwrights is ‘southern cuisine’. I have had good experiences at both locations, however I don’t think you will be raving about either one. They would be a nice way to take it easy however as both resorts are large and picturesque. If you are eating at Boatwrights you could always catch a boat to DTD for the evening.

I don’t know about a party of 12 in either place, I suspect they would prefer you split to two groups of 6, but they may accommodate 12.

I really like Kona and Cape May and STRONGLY dislike Captain Jacks.

Happy Planning!


Ohana for breakfast or dinner was delicious, and very relaxing and fun. I would strongly recommend them!!!

Kona was delicious, but I liked it better for dinner than for breakfast. We loved eating there for dinner-very busy but it was so good… You can get breakfast tonga toast downstairs at captain cooks…which was why I was going to Kona for breakfast.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1040968]*Cape May Cafe ( I ate here with my friends family, but dont really remember it…)
Yes, I really enjoyed the Clam Bake seafood dinner.

*Mickey’s Backyard BBQ @ Fort Wild.
No, so NOT worth the 2 table credits

*Shutters @ Caribbean Beach
I don’t know about this one, never tried it.

*Ohana (we usually do the spirit of Aloha…)
YES, I liked this one.

*Kona (ditto, above!)
Excellent choice for any meal (ditto, again)

*Olivia’s @ Old Key West
I have never tried this one either

*Boatwright’s @ POR
Never tried this one

*Cap’n Jacks Restaurant @ DTD
NO, no, no… only meal in Disney that I sent back because I truly could not eat it.


We all liked Cape May, both breakfast and dinner. One of the things that stood out for us was the service. It was fantastic! Both servers were prompt, always checking in to see if we needed anything quite frequently… We’re actually made ressie’s for this trip again as it was one of the better meals we had last trip…

We’ve done Ohana’s breakfast (food was excellent and the Character’s were awesome) and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is I think best for people with little one’s.


We ate at Jiko for the first time ever and I have to say it was pretty neat! The restuarant was gorgeous and if you’re into trying different types of food, this is certainly the place to go. We tried new things and they were all rather delicious!

Even my friend’s dad who eats very simple things enjoyed the filet with the mac and cheese very much! It’s kind of pricey and we only did it because we were on the deluxe plan but I have to say I’m very glad that we did!

(I know you didn’t mention it and it may be kind of a bore for the younger ones…but I thought I’d just say that the food was surprisingly delicious! lol :laugh:)


Love O’hana’s for breakfast, love Cape May too and never miss Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, the food is just OK but the atmosphere is lovely.
We stay at POR most years out of the 20 yrs we have been going to WDW and have never been in Boatwrights, it just looks so dull, dingy and dark. I’m sure it isn’t but we’ve never had any desire to eat there.


*Cape May Cafe *
I think this is one of Disney’s hidden gems
Breakfast - yummy! Goofy, Minnie and Donald in their bathing suits!
Dinner is GREAT! Even if you don’t like seafood.
I think there is room for a big party too.

*Mickey’s Backyard BBQ @ Fort Wild.
Never been - I’ve heard it’s not so good :closedeye

*Shutters @ Caribbean Beach
It’s OK - not sure it’s worth the trip if you are not staying there

Breakfast TWO THUMBS UP - 'specially for kids!
Dinner - You have to love MEAT and LOTS of food - it doesn’t stop. We went once, I won’t go back since I have . . .

KONA - :heart::heart::heart: One of our favorite spots! (for dinner, never had breakfast here)

*Olivia’s @ Old Key West
I know WISHY likes it here, we have yet to make it - had ressies but always had to cancel :pinch:

*Boatwright’s @ POR
Used to be great for the breakfast buffet, but that is discontinued - again not sure it’s worth a special trip to the resort?

*Cap’n Jacks Restaurant @ DTD
Never been!


One of the hidden gems at Kona Cafe is that you can order a shrimp omelet for breakfast. It’s off menu now, but they used to have it and still make it upon request.

Jiko is another on stage kitchen that you can sit at.

I might be a little hard on the dinner menu at 'Ohana, but I think that is a much better meal for a large group than an intimate couple or foursome.

I feel that the dinner selection at Cape May is lacking, especially because there is no fried shrimp, scallops, or clams. As I always say, your mileage will vary and supposedly snow crab legs have returned and remained, but weren’t there when we last ate dinner there.


We have done Cape May Cafe several times for dinner with kids and it was great, have been to boatwrights and the food was good their.


One of my favorite restaurants on property. I’ve been there for breakfast and dinner and I LOVED it both times!!

The only other one I’ve been to is Boatwrights. We had a really delicious appetizer of crayfish in remoulade. The pasta I ordered was so-so, but the rest of my family liked their meals. I agree with mickeysgirlz, though - it’s a good restaurant, but I don’t know if I’d make a special trip to POR for it.


This is really a good general rule for all of the sit downs at the mods.
Most of the reviews I’ve seen of them are that they’re OK, but nothing overly special. So, unless you are staying at that resort or if you can work out fairly effortless transportation between that resort and your resort you might want to think about putting it off for another time.
I might not include Maya Grill in this group because dinner was pretty good when we ate there last year, but that might be more of an exception and everyone has their own opinion of what’s good and what’s not.

Even when dining at one of the deluxe resorts or DTD, you must always consider transportation, where you are, where you’re going, and where you want to go after you eat.
Obviously, the easiest is to leave a park, go to that resort, and go back to a park for a while before returning to your own home. Remember, there are no buses that go from mod to mod (the two halves of Port Orleans don’t count), from mod to DVC, or from park to DTD. This means that a lot of the time, unless you work the system, you’ll wind up switching buses in DTD to get home or you’ll need to walk from the Contemporary to MK/Beach to Epcot. Or you’re going to pay for a taxi.

(I hope this makes sense)


I feel that the dinner selection at Cape May is lacking, especially because there is no fried shrimp, scallops, or clams. As I always say, your mileage will vary and supposedly snow crab legs have returned and remained, but weren’t there when we last ate dinner there.[/QUOTE]

They are back . . . here is a SMALL plate of my Dads - this was March 2010. I think that is fried shrimp on there too?

It’s posted here: http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/wdw-restaurants/55007-cape-may-cafe.html#post1035057


Out of the restaurants you have listed I have done the Cape May for dinner, Ohana for breakfast and dinner, and Kona. I have actually done each one with a party of 10+ and also just my DH and I have dined alone.

I liked the Cape May much better with just myself and my DH. With the crab legs and other seafood on the buffet, it seemed like there was always a lot of stuff on the table and it all just made a huge mess. The food is just OK I think and the service was not really all that great on either one of our visits.

Ohana is the opposite. I would only go there again with a large group. The service oddly seemed better the two times I was there with a large group. When we were just a party of two, our waiter paid much more attention to his larger parties and kind of forgot about us. I really enjoy the food at Ohana, but I will say you have to be a meat lover to enjoy dinner because there is a lot of it.

Kona is good no matter what and hands down my favorite restaurant in all of WDW.